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Can You Get Organic Traffic Without Ranking Your Website?


Google ranks websites based on searcher intent, and we all know that. And, you can get organic exposure on search engines by ranking high on SERPs through the right SEO techniques. However, it isn’t always necessary that you rank high on SERPs; instead, you can have other highly ranking websites pass organic referral traffic to your site. But, this should be done only when the below circumstances arise.

When the keywords are too competitive

There are times when keywords are too competitive, but we can’t give up on them because they are very valuable. In such a case, you can offer to sponsor the content, or you can guest post on authoritative sites. This can give you instant ranking power for competitive keywords.

When you want to rank for “best” keywords

When you want to rank for “best” keywords, you need to first capture searchers looking for such keywords. It is difficult to ranking for such a keyword with the SERPs being stacked against you, but it isn’t impossible. For this, you can find existing articles that rank for the target “best” keywords, and pitch for inclusion. You can offer incentives like discounts, exchanges, and free meals. You can also pitch journalists for future inclusion in articles. Scan your target publications for relevant journalists and send them an opening pitch.

When SERPs call for video

Searchers prefer watching videos today rather than reading long texts. You can easily capture such searches by creating videos for your YouTube channel, or finding and paying an influencer to do the same. This will add more branded content in SERPs, while also having you being viewed by more targeted audiences.

When you need to boost eCommerce sales

The SERPs for eCommerce stores are extremely competitive. You have to compete with huge brand, retailers, and other eCommerce sites. Moreover, there are a ton of regulations and fees that come with selling on eCommerce platforms. This keeps lots of large brands from selling on such eCommerce platforms, which gives you an opportunity to strike. What’s more? If you are a new eCommerce brand, you can get better opportunities to outrank giants.

When you can take control over brand alternative keywords

When you are competing for SERP visibility with a large brand, SEO is a rising battle. In such a situation, you can contact the author of such large brands to create an organic opportunity for yourself. However, to be able to impress them, you need to have them motivated to add you to their blogs. Your pitch needs to have a value proposition that can move them into action. For this, you can find the author’s social profiles and add them, after which you can share, like, and repost their content to give them a boost. You can also offer to share their article with your social profiles, or offer to write the section for inclusion to save time.

While SEO is a traffic source, it isn’t a single source. The above blog has already cleared this point. And, to make it more understandable and provable, you can hire professional digital marketing services in India who can help you work on ranking elements other than SEO.


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