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What Is Call-To-Action?


When a business creates a website, it is built to showcase their products and services to customers, giving them access to their whole range of merchandise, so that they can visit their store virtually and pick up all they want from there. Generally, businesses have an option of having customers place their orders on their website itself, having their products delivered at the customer’s doorstep. Or, there could be a alternative of looking at the entire catalogue online and then coming to visit personally in-store. In any way, a website is of great help to the customers in understanding a business better without much hassle.

But, the intention of building a website is not solely for the benefit of the customers. The company itself certainly has its own benefits to achieve. Every business putting up a website has a certain goal to accomplish. Some may want the visitors to make a purchase, others may want them to make appointments. Some may want customers to subscribe to their newsletters, others may want them to download something. Whatever the purpose, the website must make the action to be taken absolutely clear and compelling, if they want the visitors to accomplish the activity. And, how is this made possible? With a Call-To-Action (CTA).

What is a Call-To-Action?

Call-to-action buttons help in nudging the visitors in the right direction. It calls out to the visitors to take a specific action. For example, the CTA button may say “Download Now”, “Buy Here”, “Book An Appointment”, “Subscribe”, etc. The CTA button should be clear and concise, telling the visitors what happens when they click on it. Moreover, the button needs to be placed very strategically, in places where they stand out and cab be clearly noticed. When designed and placed well, a CTA button can prove to be a very effective marketing tool. In fact, it has been found that a CTA button can increase monthly revenue by more than 80%!

How does a Call-To-Action work?

When a visitor is browsing through your site, they notice the CTA button placed clearly and strategically. They are then likely to click on it, which will take them further to another page, and then another, helping you to finally achieve your ultimate goal. However, it won’t just work like magic. There is a certain way you need to take your visitors there. You can’t just believe that they’ll come to your site and immediately click on your CTA button. Instead of being too pushy by placing the CTA button right at the beginning of your landing page, it is always better that you nurture a lead. What we mean to say is that you try and form a relationship with your visitors first. You let them get to know you and build trust. This you can achieve by helping them solve a problem or clear a doubt. Give them a solution that can solve their issues and make their lives easier (better if the solution is your product or service itself). This way, you get your visitors interested and involved, converting them from passers-by to leads. Then, they’ll be more likely to click on your CTA button and dive deeper into your content, leading to your sales funnel.

How to have an effective Call-To-Action button?

So, it’s clear now that a CTA button is a good thing, but it’s good only as long as it is done the right way and is effective. And, in order to be able to do that, there are certain things you need to take care of, such as –

  • Your CTA should be simple
  • Your CTA should be clear and concise
  • Your CTA should have a professional design
  • Your CTA should be strategically placed
  • Your CTA should offer value to the visitors
  • Your CTA should be polite, yet blunt

In spite of all these benefits that a CTA can offer, the sad part is that not every website owner understands its importance and advantages, which is why they don’t use it, and hence don’t make the profits they actually deserve. If you are one of them, wake up! Get in touch with professional digital marketing experts in India, and consult them on how you can have a beautiful and impactful CTA button on your website pages. Do that, and see how you boost your revenue!


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