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How To Design Great Call To Action Buttons?


Call to Action buttons are one of the most neglected features in a website design. The main purpose of a call to action (CTA) button is to make the visitors to your website ‘take action’. This action can be anything – either to add a product to their shopping cart, request information, download something – well literally anything. Thus, even though this is one of the most ignored aspects in website development, if used effectively call to action buttons can have a positive impact on your conversion rate and boost the sales of your company.

There are many factors which go into the designing of call to action buttons – size, color, contrast and things like inclusion of directional cues right beside the button. So even though a call to action button may occupy just a tiny space on your web page, it does require a fair amount of planning and execution in order to develop responsive web design. An intelligently designed call to action button makes things easier for the visitors on your website.

Here are some very easy ways in which you can design great call to action buttons for your website:

Size of the Button

The size of the CTA button needs to be such that it attracts the attention of the visitors to your website. There are websites which have call to action buttons around 20% larger in width than the logo of the company. Thus even though the logo is placed higher on the web page, the visitors can easily find the call to action button and move on to becoming your clients.

There are high chances that a web page may have multiple calls to action buttons. Thus it is crucial to indicate the relative importance of a particular CTA button compared to other buttons by varying its size from the rest of the buttons.

Position and Design

It is recommended that you always place the Call to Action button in such a way that it grasps the attention of the visitors. It is seen that placement of these buttons on the top of the landing page increases the conversion rate as users are more likely to see the button and take the required action.

Along with the position, it is advised that web designers use sufficient white space in order to distinguish a call to action button from the rest of the icons on the web page. In fact if the white space is used effectively then even a small, plainly-designed CTA button will stand on the web page and will successfully grasp the attention of the visitors on the website.

Apart from the position the design of the CTA button is also equally important. Usually it is seen that the simpler the button is the less is the chances of confusion. Thus always go for a button with minimal design in proper shape, size and color contrast.

Secondary/ Alternate Actions

A secondary action button is one of the best ways in which you can convince the visitors on your website to take the desired primary call to action. The secondary call to action buttons may communicate to get more information about a product or to take a tour of your website – the choice is yours.

Whenever you design an alternate call to action button, keep in mind to differentiate it from the primary one by using a different color, size and positioning.

These are some very basic yet efficient ways in which you can design some amazing call to action button for your website. At the end of the day, the web design of your website should help you market yourself and get better sales of your products and services. Follow the above given tips and see a positive change in the number of customers and improved return on investment (ROI).


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