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What Are The Alternatives To Traditional Link Building Techniques?


Link building was once a necessary factor for search engine rankings. The search algorithm relied on external links for determining authority of the site, with more and better links indicating a reliable and trustworthy site. Earlier, links were built in a natural way. But now, webmasters have started misusing this system by building links inorganically to gain a higher rank in search engines. In order to stop this exploitation, Google has constructed advanced algorithms to find out whether the links are genuinely brought in or not, and it penalizes the websites that use inorganic methods to build links. Due to this increasing manipulation, Google has started analyzing authorities of websites by other methods. Here are a few modern alternatives to the traditional link building techniques that can help you rise higher in search engine results pages.

Promoting your content

Creating great content is the best way to attract users to your website and bring more link references to your site. If users find your content original and valuable, they will surely refer to your content in their own blogs, which will attract natural inbound links to your site. In order to achieve this, it is necessary that you create high-quality content and spread it around as much as possible. The most crucial step before doing this is to establish a strong contact list on your email or social media accounts, so that your content can spread faster.

Social Media

Social media is widespread all over the world. Almost every individual uses some or the other form of social media to connect with others personally or professionally. Thus, the more attention you get on social media, the stronger authority and trust you build, which results in higher search engine rankings. The more your blogs or pages are liked, shared or commented on in social media, the more trust your content builds in Google’s algorithm. Thus, the best way to rank higher in search results is by gaining recognition by promoting yourself as much as possible on social media.

Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are references to your brand name on major media publications. Once your brand name appears on such popular media, Google associates it as a trust value to your site. So, even without a link, you will be able to bring more authority to your site if you get your name mentioned on various popular platforms. In order to achieve this, you must have fantastic content, for which journalists or other users can mention your brand on their blogs. Brand mentions is the most popular strategy that brings considerable and consistent traffic to your site.


Whenever your website gets positive reviews from users, Google considers it as a factor to raise your ranking. The better reviews you get, the higher your site will rank for search queries. In order to get more reviews, you can either set up your profile on multiple review sites or you can put direct links to your review profiles like a follow-up email or a newsletter. You can also simply ask your customers for reviews and feedbacks.

Utilize the above mentioned organic SEO techniques to have a better impact on search engines and rank higher in SERPs. Jain Technosoft is a leading SEO Company in India that will help you not only in organic link building but, will also help in other processes like search engine marketing and social media marketing in order to bring better traffic on your website and higher ranking in search engines.


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