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How Is Website Development Different From Website Designing?


The terms “website development” and “website designing” are used interchangeably, but there is actually a lot of difference between the two. Generally, both Web designers and Web developers are developers, but there lies a difference in their work and the way they fulfill a website’s need.

A website is divided into two basic parts – Frontend and Backend. Web designers are those who work in the Frontend, deciding upon the website’s structure and appearance. And, Web developers are those working in the Backend, deciding upon the coding and programming language to be used.

Web designing

Web design is everything related to what the user actually views on his screen, and not about the mechanisms beneath the surface that make it work. It involves everything related to the colour, font, images, and layout. Web designers take care of all of this. However, their job doesn’t seem as easy, flowery, and colourful as you may think it to be. They have a responsibility to fulfill. To design a successful website, they first need to consider the objectives of the website, and then move on to an Information Architecture to set up the website’s information hierarchy. They then drive to the design process by creating wireframes and then with the other design elements. Moreover, there are certain design principles they need to follow to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout that enhances the user experience on the site. These include balance, contrast, unity, emphasis, and unity.

Web development

Web development is concerned with the coding of a website that makes the site work. Web developers are responsible for managing data within the database, and serving that data to designers for displaying it in the design. They use HTML and programming languages like PHP, C++, Java, etc. to develop website pages. They also use Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla to streamline development and help clients to maintain and update their website from time to time. In simple words, we can say that Web developers are those professionals who work on controlling the behaviour of a website. They are those who decide how the Administrator will receive the email through a contact form filled by a visitor, or how a comment will be published on a website when a visitor will click on the Submit button in the Comment box. There is generally a team of Web developers working within a company to help execute the various tasks on a website.

With this varied difference between a Web designer and Web developer, the line of border has become a little hazy at present. This is because both designers and developers are getting a general idea of the other’s work. For example, today Web designers know a little about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; and possibly about WordPress and Joomla too! Similarly, Web developers are also learning more of designing skills today. However, when you are working with a professional Website development company in India, you needn’t worry about anything because they have a complete team of both Web designers and developers to create a website and make the work together a success!


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