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Why Are Some Of Your Web Pages Ranking Poorly?


You have a website that was ranking pretty well, but has now suddenly lost rankings since a while, and you don’t know why. If this is the scenario, you will definitely need to find out what the problem is, and find a solution to it. It is also possible that a part of your website is ranking well, but there are a few pages that have lost rankings or traffic. If you have a digital marketing company in India working with you, you needn’t worry because they will on their own take care of the issue and solve it completely. But, if not, you need to put in efforts to find out the issue and resolve it. This blog will help you.

Finding out the problem

Unless we know what the problem is, we won’t be able to solve it. So, the first and foremost step is to identify the exact problem, instead of making random guesses. Here is how you can go about it.

Investigate different sections of your website individually

To find out if a certain section of pages is facing issues, you need to investigate each folder and subfolder individually. Work on a particular section and see if it has fallen in traffic, or rankings over the past few months or even a year.

Assess search traffic from over time

Go to whichever analytics you are using and look exclusively at the different sections of your website. Check for huge traffic drops. This data could be hiding inside your analytics because apart from that particular section, the rest of your site may be performing well. Once you have identified the problematic sections, you can then go to Google Trends to look at your big keywords and topics, to see if there has been a significant decline in search volume too. If search demand is stagnant or has risen, there has to be some issue on your part.

Perform other examinations

You could also check for the tools you may be using like Google Search Console, rank tracker, site uptime, and on-page and crawl monitoring. Other things you may examine could be your target keywords, brand name, and text string with/without quotes. Also check if Google has indexed your page and how long back. If you find any issue there, you could be having robots.txt issue, meta robots issue, or crawl issue.

Finding out the reason behind the problem

So, you have found out what the problem is – whether it is only a fall in traffic, or in rankings too. Now, let us find out what could be causing the problem?

If rankings are consistent, but traffic has declined

  • There could be a lower search demand, meaning that there are not many people searching for what you have to offer now, as used to be.
  • The reputation of your brand could have been damaged for some reason, due to which people are choosing to click on someone else’s link for the same keywords.
  • New snippet features may have come up for the particular category that you are facing issues with, which is why number one is not what number one used to be.

If rankings and traffic both have declined

  • Your content may be of low quality, irrelevant, or duplicate, which is why Google doesn’t find you fit for ranking anymore.
  • Your competitors may be providing better value, relevancy, user experience, content quality, and keyword targeting than you.
  • People may now be looking for something else while searching for a particular keyword. So, even if your content is good and relevant to a particular keyword, it is not satisfying the latest demands and requirements if the searchers.
  • There could be other technical issues like speed, HTTPS problems, indexable content, crawlability issues, robots.txt problems, meta robots tag issues, or internal link structure problems.

Solving the issue

Now that we know the problem, and the reasons behind the problem, we are in a better position to find a solution to it. Here is some aid.

Solving content and relevancy issues

Instead of upgrading your old URLs, it is advisable that you 301 redirect them to a new URL or location, where you can provide better content that serves the searchers better and fixes all other sorts of issues.

Solving link, spam, and penalty issues

For any kind of spam, penalty, links, or link profile issues, it will take good enough time for it to resolve – maybe months or years! It is up to Google when it makes fixes in its latest index rollout, or when its algorithm changes.

Solving on-page and technical issues

For any kind of technical and on-page issues, it could be solved as soon as Google crawls and indexes the pages. If it is a small section of pages, you could see the performance improve pretty fast. But, in the case of hundreds and thousands of pages, you will have to wait for weeks before you see traffic and ranking gain, because it will take Google some time to crawl and index all of those pages.

Now that you know all about identifying the problems and solving them, it is still advisable to leave the task in the hands of professionals. So, if you haven’t yet, it is better that you hire a professional digital marketing company in India to take care of all your marketing and promoting missions in the best possible flawless way.


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