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When B2B buyers want to conduct an online research for a product or service, they look for not only reviews and testimonials, but case studies too. This makes case studies one of the most important tools in every company’s toolkit. Companies generally create large number of online content to educate their audience, including their target customers. With this, thought leadership is intended to be provoked. But for this, different content-marketing assets and resources need to be included in the content marketing strategy so that users are well educated about the products and services. Therefore, the most appropriate kind of content is required to connect with target customers. Now, how do you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy? It is through lead generation; and it is case studies that bring in the most leads. So ultimately, it all sums up to the point that case studies are a very important ingredient of your content marketing toolkit. If you are yet not satisfied, here are some case studies that will prove to you how content marketing can generate leads and grow business.


One of the largest manufacturers of computer hardware, Lenovo devised a content marketing strategy to target IT professionals and other customers and help them make informed buying decisions, wherein they are tempted to opt for Lenovo as their wisest choice. To execute this strategy, the brand developed a digital content hub known as the “Tech Revolution” to deliver technical news and technology information to IT decision makers across the Asia Pacific region. This digital content hub had more than 250 articles, which were read by 1,70,000 Web users, with 308 link clicks and 34 million impressions! And, to make this initiative a success, $300 million was assigned to sales!

Lead Pages

Being a technology company in the content marketing business, Lead Pages devised an innovative strategy to stand apart from the rest and beat other companies who were working with conventional outbound marketing. It created a set of marketing resources that included 7 marketing courses, 2 eBooks, 10 case studies, and 8 infographics, which were all offered free of cost. It also designed a marketing podcast, a special marketing blog, and weekly webinars covering different topics on digital marketing. Consequently, the company gained 35,000 customers in less than 3 years and generated revenue more than $16 million!

Sales Force

Sales Force is a premium name in the Customer Relationship Management sector; and is in fact, the world’s largest vendor of CRM applications! However, this leading brand also had issues maintaining steady traffic and leads in UK. Thus, they decided to change their content marketing strategy to achieve business growth in this country. For this, the company created a wide range of digital assets including videos on sales and marketing, a presentation to showcase customer success stories, and a stop-motion slide share. As a result, Sales Force observed 80% increase in Web traffic, and over 10,000 eBook downloads and 6500 email newsletter signups. Moreover, it also notices a 2500% rise in traffic from social media sites!


A marketplace for freelance writers, Scripted decided to convince their audience that the brand was not just a marketplace, but was also an offering of the best subject-specific writers. So, they devised a content marketing strategy by looking at the different stages of their customers’ problem-solving process. This included blogs and podcasts to explain the problems faced while looking for content writers, signups to guide users through a specific path, and case studies to show how different content requirement from different businesses were fulfilled, and the perfect solutions were provided by Scripted. As a result, there was a surge in the number of visitors by more than 45%, while the bounce rate reduced by 3 times.


The hard efforts put in by SAP and a smart content marketing strategy devised to target all possible customers in all 19 segments, helped the brand achieve the recognition of the largest global vendor of the ERP software today. But for this, SAP had a planned execution. It picked up several topics of interest for each individual customer segment, and decided to demonstrate and highlight its software solutions with examples on each segment, while educating the audience on digital technology. For this, the brand distributed its content through various media like emails, radio ads, social media, events, SAP community network, etc. As a result, the brand witnessed almost a $4 million value of marketing generated sales!

So, you can see how an innovative content marketing strategy can always bring in better results. Thus, content marketing always proves to be effective. So, when you are looking for lead generation, you must hire a professional digital marketing company in India to help you design the perfect content marketing strategy, along with other innovative lines of attack.


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