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Must-Have Design Elements For A Website

must-have-design-elements-for-a-websiteIt is a world of appearances; what appeals to the eyes, sells better. This is why Web design plays a very important role in the success of a website. Web based companies need to be very sure about what they are showing to their customers, while providing a great user experience. If you don’t provide a good experience, users are likely to bounce away from your site and never return. So, make sure that your website is creatively and professionally designed to bring to it a wonderful combination of beauty and functionality. This is the most important for those entrepreneurs who are just starting to put their feet into the market. You must be able to create a strong Web presence by having a website that can convey your business properly and speak about your brand in an interesting and attractive manner. Hire a professional Web design company in India to get the job done and make sure they incorporate these design elements in your website so that you can gain higher conversions.

Make it thoroughly appealing to the eyes

Your website should be such that it gets the users hooked as soon as they land on it. To make it appealing to the users’ eyes, you need to use the right colour scheme along with text that contrasts yet complements the background image. You must use high-definition images on your site and make sure they are compressed well so that the page does not take too long to load. For any of your products or services, give the users a 360 degree view. Highlight the most important elements where you want to draw the users’ main attention by using the encapsulation technique.

Balance between content and white space

“Less is more” in the case of Website design. Thus, your design should not clutter the page. Keep it simple and tidy, and incorporate only the most important and most useful content, images and other elements on your page. Separate different content with enough blank space (white space) – you should be able to properly balance between your content and the white space. This will help users to focus on the different elements clearly without confusing their mind. Therefore, a properly designed page with enough and appropriate white space helps to give the website a neat and tidy look, emphasize on important things, and avoid user confusion due to presence of too many things on a single page.

Combine user experience and business goals

Your website should be able to combine both users’ experience and your business goals well; this is when you can say that you have a conversion-centered design. If your design can successfully combine these two elements, you are sure to gain a large number of conversions. The Web designer should be well aware of the requirements of your business and the online behaviour patterns of your target audience, before designing your website. Also, you should make sure that your website is responsive, mobile-optimized and fast-loading if you want to target mobile users, who form a majority of users today.

Have an uncluttered and useful sidebar

How is your sidebar placed? What elements are incorporated there? Is it optimized to drive conversions? All these questions need to be answered while designing a sidebar. Your sidebar should be clearly placed and appropriately sized. Keep it neat and clean; avoid cluttering it with too many widgets and ads. Include ‘related posts’ in your sidebar that can be useful for your users. Also take care that the ads you put up there are appealing as well as relevant to the content on the page. It is a strict ‘No’ to add repetitive links in the sidebar – links that are already present in the header or footer. Whatever you do, your sidebar should be tidy and uncluttered, and must be able to connect users to relevant content.


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