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Why Is Web Design Important For A Successful Marketing Campaign?


Are you one of those organizations who understand the importance of marketing, but are still stuck up with the old-fashioned traditional outbound methodologies like TV advertising, radio advertising, email marketing, etc.? All these tactics have gone completely stale now. With the wide usage of the internet and its new technologies, the rules of the game have changed. Today, inbound marketing has taken up a great share, which is why people are approaching a professional internet marketing company in India to have their brand marketed in the best way possible in front of their customers.

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting the attention of customers and encouraging them to connect with a brand through a combination of optimized web design and online resources. Instead of harassing users with intrusive ads, inbound marketing involves content creation and sharing the content through blogs, social media, and search engines, to guide users through online sales channels. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of converting strangers into customers. And, a business website and its design play a very important role in the entire process.

Many business owners overlook the importance of a great website design in their marketing strategies, but the fact is that it is your website design that can make or break your campaign. While your marketing campaign can grab people’s attention, the web design will decide whether or not they make a purchase. Studies show that almost 75% of people judge a business by its design. So, if you have a poor design, you are sure to lose those 75% of potential customers! Every digital marketing strategy involves online advertisements and PPC ad campaigns. But, all of this relies on a structured website for support. Getting clicks on the ads that lead to your website isn’t enough to drive revenue. Web design is highly important for turning leads into customers. Therefore, you must pay attention to optimizing each stage of your inbound marketing funnel, which involves web design too. Changing even a few design elements of a web page can produce huge lifts in conversion. After all, web design has a direct impact on conversion. This is where an expert internet marketing company in India can help.

In fact, 60% of marketers have confirmed that blog creation is one of their top marketing priorities. They believe that hosting content on-site reveals authority to prospective customers and shows thought leadership, while also providing for great SEO value. Many customers value research and SEO when they are planning to make a purchase. It is a brand’s website design that determines how easily customers will perform their research, and whether or not they’ll trust the website enough for making a purchase. Customers always want a great user experience, and will only purchase from the brand that offers a good online experience on their site. Customers are always looking for easy navigation, and simple purchasing funnel when deciding to shop for something online. Web design involves creating pages that provide users with essential information while maintaining uniqueness, and providing the best online experience.

Now you can understand how web design plays a very important role in marketing your brand effectively. Remember that a lousy web design will put all your marketing efforts in vain. So, make sure that you have a unique, intuitive, and effective web design for your brand.


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