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Why Do You Have To Wait Long Before SEO Results Show Up?


You have implemented the best of SEO strategies on your website and are waiting for the results, expecting them to come up in the blink of an eye? That’s impossible! SEO is no magic that can get you to the top of ranking in SERPs and have you reaping rewards almost instantly. SEO takes time! It takes time to research your industry; it takes time to perform the required analysis; it takes time to produce quality content; it takes time for Google to recognize your site and assign it authority; and similarly it takes time to show up the desired results as well!

But, how long does SEO take? How long should you wait for your results to show up? Well, there is no particular time frame for SEO. Moreover, “results” means different things to different people. For some, it may be increased traffic; for others it may be higher conversions; and for someone else it may be boosted revenue. Depending upon the efforts put in and the ‘results’ you want to achieve, SEO can take anywhere from 4 to 12 months to work out! Of course, the 12 month figure sounds really horrible, but it could be possible that your SEO efforts, when hiring professional SEO services in India, show you desirable results in only 4 months! This depends upon multiple variables in and around your website. These may include keywords, content built around those keywords, website design, age of your website, geographic location, competition, and much more.

There was a time when SEO was all about determining the keywords that could deliver the most traffic and optimizing the website for those terms to gain the most number of links. But, today SEO isn’t as simple. Depending upon the above mentioned variables, the length of time it can take to start seeing results from your SEO campaign can be impacted. And, this is why you must focus your efforts on four of the most important variables – quality, speed of change, budget, and competition. Lets us take a deeper look at how these four elements can impact your SEO results.


Creating and implementing good quality content and website takes time. And, after a quality website is put up, it also takes Google some time to acknowledge the quality and promote your website properly. The search engine will track the number of visitors on your site, judge user engagement on your site, and analyze your bounce rates. It will also evaluate the number of authorized natural links coming to your site from various sources, after which it will decide whether your site should be given authority or not. Therefore, you need to be very particular about the quality of your website, which should be such that it gains authority and also satisfies customer queries. And, all of this will definitely take some time.

Speed of change

SEO is all about adapting the changes as quickly as possible. You need to quickly work upon the changes that you need to make in order to meet the expectations of SEO; may it be as simple as changing your meta data, or something as complex as a complete renovation of your navigation. Whether it takes a day or a week or even more, the quicker you start implementing the changes, the faster you will start seeing the results.


Your budget also plays an important role in bringing about quicker or slower SEO results. However, don’t build up the misconception that a bigger budget can bring you faster and better rankings. A bigger budget can only have more professionals working on your SEO campaign with better resources, meaning faster and better SEO-related tasks being performed on your site. Remember that no amount of money can promise a faster climb up the ladder of ranking, but yes, more money can definitely have your SEO tasks being accomplished faster and better.


Every business has immense competition today. If you are working hard on your SEO campaign, so are your competitors. Earlier, no everyone invested their time and money in SEO, but today everyone realizes its worth. So, even if you are putting in the best of efforts, it could take time because each of your competitors is doing the same too. Today, you get very less opportunities to make quick advances up the rankings, so you need to grab them as soon as you can.

So, these are some of the factors that prove why SEO takes time. If you have seen your SEO results boom up already, there is nothing better than that for your business. But remember, SEO is not a one-time activity. In order to stay competitive, you need to continue investing in your SEO efforts. Once you stop, your competition will outperform you; and you definitely don’t want that. This is why you must always have a company who provides the most professional SEO services in India to work with you so that you can see faster, better, and persistent results.


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