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Why And How Is User Engagement Important For SEO?


SEO has been constantly changing from time to time, and businesses need to keep up with those modifications. What was once really important has faded out at present; and what is important today will fade out soon in the future. But, there is one SEO factor that was and is still equally important today; and that is ‘User Engagement’. In fact, User Experience (UX) is only predicted to grow stronger as the years pass by. For optimizing your website for UX, and to keep up with the changing trends of SEO, you can get in touch with a professional SEO company in India who is always aware of the ins and outs of search engines and their algorithms, and can therefore help you optimize your site for higher ranking on SERPs to gain better business.

User engagement is when a search engine can provide users with their required answers along with details and more useful information. This is why Google has been recognizing and giving higher rankings to pages that engage with users effectively. So, how can you improve UX? The best way is by providing quality content on your website, and then move on the way in which the content is presented. However, some business owners believe that quality content means providing lots and lots of content, but this is not true. So, don’t do this mistake with your website. Don’t waste your time on writing tons of content. Even though short, your content must be relevant and precise to be noticed by Google and other popular search engines.

How to improve User Experience?

By providing quality content

As mentioned above, provide relevant and precise content related to your business industry and the products/services you offer. Although information like about us, history, etc. is important, but the primary requirement of users is to provide details about your products/services, costs, availability, etc. Make sure all this information is provided clearly to the users, or else you may lose out on a big percentage of prospective customers.

By designing a great User Interface

The way you design the User Interface (UI) is also highly important for improving the UX on your site. Your UI may range from a complex one to a very minimalist one, but you must be careful to provide a usable UI. Users should be able to browse through your site very easily with minimum mouse clicks, meaning that you must provide users with a seamless and uncomplicated navigation. Also remember that the effects you use on your pages should be non-intrusive or else you will have frustrated and annoyed users, who won’t think twice before abandoning your site. And last but not the least; make sure to have a fast loading site because nobody likes to wait.

Do you realize that unless your users are engaged effectively, it is quite likely that you can lose out on them? Doesn’t this mean that a great UX means making a great business decision that can help you get great ROI? So, if you are looking for better business in 2017 and beyond, make sure to optimize your website with the help of a reliable SEO company in India right away!


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