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Have You Taken Up The Opportunity To Use GIFs On Social Media?


Facebook and Twitter are two most popular social media platforms for a wide range of users today; you know that right? But, do you know that more than 1 million pieces of content are shared on Facebook every minute!? Also, do you know that more than 500 million tweets are sent every day on Twitter!? With these millions of tweets and content, how do you make your content stand out? The best way is to hire an internet marketing company in India that has an expertise in social media marketing so that it can help leverage the most out of this dynamic platform.

The most important thing you need to do if you want to grab the attention of your audience is being updated with what is trending hot and making use of those tactics. Today, GIFs are the hot trend for social media. These are snippets of a video that is readily available or made by you. They have no sound and usually loop and last for a few seconds.

Benefits of using GIFs

With the right kind of GIFs that are relevant to your brand/products/services, you will be able to deliver your message to your audience in the most interesting and engaging manner. GIFs have a number of benefits to offer, three of the most useful ones stated below.

GIFs are appealing and effective – GIFs have more power than images to hold the attention of a viewer for longer by telling a story in a short span of time. They are just like small videos, but much economical and inexpensive when compared to them. Also, videos require lots of planning and execution, unlike GIFs. Thus, we can say that GIF is the perfect medium between image and video. Also, it is an immediate way to engage your audience and keep their attention. You can easily deliver your brand’s message within seconds with GIFs.

GIFs display emotions – GIFs have the power to convey a message through a story; and a story always has some or the other emotion attached to it. This is why GIFs feel more personal and human, and allows one to narrate a brand’s values better so that users can connect with the brand and keep it in mind for longer.

GIFs are mobile-friendly – Today is the world of mobiles and smartphones, which is why we see everything being optimized for mobile screens and devices. When videos are clicked to be viewed on a mobile screen, they open in a new window or app. But GIFs automatically play in their own place. Therefore, GIFs are the biggest winner, especially when it comes to using them on social media.

How to use GIFs?

There are multiple ways in which you can use GIFs on social media to brand your stuff. Here are some of the best ones –

Showcase your products – You can take up the opportunity of displaying your products in a stylized and attractive manner with a short GIF clip. However, make sure to not exceed your GIF more than 15-20 seconds, if you want to keep your audience captivated, and not feel bored.

Narrate a story – Just as we said, GIFs are the best way to narrate a story. Use this benefit to show how your products/services add value to your customers’ lives. Create a GIF that showcases a problem and ends with your product/service being the solution.

Provide instructions – If your products have multiple abilities or settings, you can use GIFs to inform your users on how to use each ability/setting by displaying a quick tutorial of the same.

How to create GIFs?

All set and planned on preparing a GIF to promote your brand? But, do you know how you are going to do it? Do you know the tools you can use for the same? Listed below are three tools you can choose form for uploading a GIF.

Photoshop – Upload a video in Photoshop and select the duration you want to display, with the timeline tool. Use the ‘Save for Web’ option, and adjust the setting of looping to ‘forever’.

Instagram Boomerang – This is a mobile app where you can record a video in the form of a GIF. The GIF will be saved onto your camera roll, so that you can post the same on any social channel at any time.

Giphy GIF maker – This tool helps you make GIFs from YouTube videos or personal videos. Paste a YouTube video link, or upload a personal video to the interface, and select the frame of the video you would like to use.

Now that you know all about using a GIF, creating a GIF, and benefits associated with a GIF, you will agree that you can easily bring your content to life by transforming it into a GIF. So, waste no more time and get on the latest trend on using GIFs to showcase your products and services to your audience. For other ways of marketing your stuff on social media and other online platforms, you can always hire an internet marketing company in India to help with various techniques like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, and more.


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