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Tools To Make A Web Developer’s Task Easier


Designing a website with quality content, impressive graphics and a useful layout is quite a task. In order to create sites that are user-friendly, web developers often come across development issues. Hence, to increase productivity in reduced time, there are many tools available in the market, that make the work for web developers easier. Here is a list of some tools that can help in quicker and effective website designing.

Content manager tools

These tools help in easily managing the content of a website, without having any programming or coding knowledge. ExpressionEngine is one such tool that separates the content from the design, hence, helping to display the content anyway and anywhere. This tool works well with any website categories like ecommerce, travels, real estate, etc. MotoCMS is another content managing tool that helps you add a search field, photo gallery, subscription button, etc. It’s Admin Panel, Image Editor and Media Library help in customizing, managing and organizing the posts.

Themes and templates

There are many tools that provide hundreds of themes and templates for easy web designing. Gridgum is one of the best tools that serve the purpose. Its themes are both appealing as well as responsive. It gives you the opportunity of saving points on your orders, which provides you discounts on your next purchase. It offers WordPress and Bootstrap themes as well as Admin Panels.

Animation and interactive diagram developer tools

Tools like HTML5 Maker help you create animated multimedia content without using any designing or development skills. This tool comes with lots of features that help you create banners, sliders or content for your ad campaign easily. GoJS tool allows you to implement interactive diagrams on your website. It lets you pan, scroll, select, delete, undo operations, drag and drop, copy and paste elements and much more to make better interactive elements.

Icon creating tools

It is easy to create icons of your own preference using icon creating tools. You can create your own custom icon set within seconds by adjusting colours, gradients, size and much more. FreeIconMaker is an icon creating tool where all the files are vector based so, they preserve the look of the icons regardless of their dimensions. You can make flat or 3D icons without having any designing skills.

Feedback and opinion receiver tools

It is important to receive feedback and opinions from the users. There are many tools that make this task very easy. BugMuncher is a feedback receiving tool where users can take a screenshot of the highlighted problem on the website and send it directly to you. Such users’ information like their ID, name, browser version, operating system and browser plug-ins is captured and combined with their feedback, making it easier to fix the issue. Opinion Stage is another such tool that lets you create polls that target social sharing. It can also help you know the number of total votes you get.

Tools for different categories

Different tools are useful for different types of websites. For example,

For discounts and coupons offering websites, Tickera is a tool that helps in creating and selling tickets from the website. It helps you to create ticket templates for each kind of ticket by dragging and dropping, rearranging, changing font sizes and colors, changing the paper size, etc.

For classifieds websites, Advert is a tool that handles classifieds in an elegant and professional manner. It works with WordPress plug-ins that helps you to setup your own shortcodes.

For eCommerce websites, VirtueMart tool helps in calculating discounts and tax according to your shoppers’ group, country, state and time. It also lets you display different prices for a single product for different shopper groups and time zones.

There is an endless list of important tools that include CoffeeCup that helps you with your layouts, Daily Hosting that helps in choosing the best web hosting solution, Template Engine to build a scalable static website, Synchronized Testing Tool for testing your websites on various devices, and many more. Find out which are the tools that can serve your website type better to save your time and increase productivity as a website developer. Jain Technosoft, one of the leading website development companies, can help build a website for you that offers all the features to increase your website’s performance and bring you user satisfaction.


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