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Tips On How To Make Money From Expired Domain Name Registration

Thousands of valuable domains expire and drop back onto the open market everyday. Got your eyes on one of them?

Domain names expire on different schedules, depending on the original registrar they were registered with and there are several sources of expired domain name information, some free and some that require the payment of a subscription or membership free. Crawling for interesting expired domain names requires efforts, whether it’s thinking up search terms and feeding them into a search engine.

The demand for these expired Web addresses has created a business in itself. When you buy expired domain names, you can gain immediate page rank and “link popularity” – in other words, you can capitalize on what the previous site accomplished. In this way, expired domain names may help you start out closer to the top of search engine results pages rather than spending time (and money) crawling your way up from the bottom.

Before considering expired domain names for your online business, you should check domain names based on several key indicators of success with search engines and compatibility with your business.

  • Who the previous owner of the name was and what they were using the name for, if anything.
  • A simple WHOIS search is sufficient to reveal the current owner of a domain name that has been placed on hold and ready for deletion. However, there can be times when the ownership information is not as readily available, such as when the original Registrant’s information has been deleted in the domain record and substituted for information provided by the Registrar.
  • What was the nature of the previous site’s content? How could it help or hurt you?
  • Take a closer look at backlinks of expired domain names and avoid those Web addresses associated with spamming, reciprocal linking schemes and other.
  • PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) are two very important factors to find quality of any expired domain or live website.
  • Check domain with Google banned checker and make sure it is not banned.
  • Most of the expired domains have manipulated page ranks and you will be caught into trap. Hence check the page rank carefully.

Having a domain name that has a previously established search engine ranking and is receiving good traffic is like constructing a building on a previously built foundation. Newbies are well advised to remember that you will need to find a hosting service and learn about building a site before you start acquiring expired domain names. Although this may sound like a difficult and expensive task, it is not. You can find several cheap web hosting services and you can also find website building apps such as WordPress which will aid you in building your site on internet.

Yet while it’s true that some expired domain names can help you get a jump start to online success, you’ll need to do your homework to avoid choosing the used Web addresses that can cause trouble for your online business.

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