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Things Startups Should Avoid Doing On Social Media


Startups are bound to make mistakes due to lack of experience. As a startup, you will be bound to do things that you must actually avoid. Businesses that are marketing on social media need to be extremely careful. Mistakes made on the web can really cost you a lot – not financially but, it will definitely cost you your reputation.

Mistakes made on social media remain in the market for a very long time. Even the tiniest of mistakes can turn out to be blunders once the fault is spread around the world. Social media users show no mercy on anybody once they get hold of their mistake. And then by the time things are settled down, your reputation is already disrupted. Here are a few social media blunders that startup businesses should avoid.

Not selecting the right platform

It is very important that you select the correct social media platform for your business. Every social media platform has a different kind of audience, different purpose and different areas of concern. You must first define what kind of audience you would want to target and then search the correct platform where such audience is available. It is not necessary that you have to be present on every platform or that you have to be available on the most popular platform. It isn’t necessary that the most popular platform will suffice your needs. It isn’t sensible to stay on the most popular platform if your target audience is not active there.

Posting carelessly

Social media platforms have millions of users logging on every day. This means that even a small statement from you can go viral within minutes and can be seen by millions of viewers. So, you need to be very careful with what you post. A perfect post is sure to bring you a large number of audiences but, a single mistake can ruin your entire image. Placing the right content at the right timing is very important.

Inappropriate Content

Each platform has different content needs. Don’t copy-paste the same content on every platform. Create different content on different platforms the way it is required. Every platform has its own different tone, quality and type of audience. Research on all these points before creating and posting your content. Also, remember that only written content becomes boring. Insert graphics, images and other relevant infographics to create interest among viewers.

Excess or insufficient presence

You need to be active on the social media platform that you have chosen. If you have made a commencement on social media, you cannot just sit idle and watch what is happening. Being inactive for too long makes users lose interest in you and thus, forget about your brand or maybe you go totally unnoticed! So, it is very important that you do some or the other kind of activity consistently to get noticed. But, this does not mean you excessively start doing so. Too much of something also becomes irritating. You cannot keep posting 10 updates every day to get highly noticed.

Being over promotional

You must avoid being too promotional. You need to build up a brand reputation and you must behave as a brand, not as a salesman. Too much of self-promotion is a turn off. You must balance between promoting your brand and other essentials like educating and providing industry insights to your target audience.

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