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Facebook Awareness Vs Facebook Conversion Campaigns

facebook-awareness-conversion-campaignsFacebook had changed the way people looked at online connectivity in the year 2004, and since then it has become the biggest social networking platform. Also, Facebook advertising has become a great social advertising channel to drive user awareness and engagement. With the improvements it has made to provide great advertising service, it has become one of the best digital ad channels for conversion-driven campaigns. In fact, Facebook has also outgrown Google, the biggest online platform by driving larger number of leads and orders in various industry segments.

There are two ways of Facebook marketing that has been seen – Facebook awareness campaigns and Facebook conversion campaigns. However, they both greatly differ from each other in terms of KPIs, landing page activities, goals and ad messages. But, not everybody realizes this difference. Yet, in order to achieve great performance in conversion, it is important to realize this difference. So, let us look in detail how these two campaigns differ in terms of KPIs, user interactions, goals, ad messages, ad types and optimization.


Awareness campaigns measure the effectiveness of communication with metrics including visits, shares, likes, comments, etc. On the other hand, conversion campaigns measure the business performance like the number of conversions, average order size, success rate, ad spend, etc.

User interactions

Awareness campaigns focus on ad clicks, which means how users interact with the ad, and not the Web pages. Conversely, in conversion campaigns, the conversions happen on the website and not in the ads.

Campaign goals

Awareness campaigns focus on audience communication, while conversion campaigns focus on results. Awareness campaigns ask how most target users can be reached and engaged. On the other hand, conversion campaigns ask how to get more sales or leads within the budget. An easy way to understand this is that brands want to reach the highest amount of relevant consumers, while retailers want to have people making purchases from their store.

Ad messages

Ad copies relating to conversion campaigns communicate the value and usage of products or services. They help with pricing and promotions, and to solve consumer problems. In contrast, ad copies relating to awareness campaigns focus on storytelling to influence the minds of the consumers.

Ad types

Some Facebook ad types work best for conversion campaigns, while some work for conversion campaigns; and there are others that work great for both. The posts that Facebook promotes engage customers and build loyalty but, they are not the best for conversion campaigns to drive direct conversions. The NewsFeed and right-column ads on Facebook work great for both awareness and conversion campaigns, however the NewsFeed ads work better for conversion campaigns as compared to right-column ads. This is because right-column ads receive great reach but very low conversions.

Campaign optimization

Consumer research is equally important for both awareness and conversion campaigns but, it still differs. Consumer research in case of awareness campaigns helps to set up the campaign and write ad messages to effectively communicate with the audience. On the other hand, in case of conversion campaigns, it is the ongoing testing and optimization process that helps to achieve great results.

Now that you know the difference between awareness and conversion campaigns, you will be in a better position to have an organic Facebook campaign that will help you deliver the best and gain paramount results. Use these great social media marketing strategies to give customers what they are looking for and achieve the best!


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