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What Type Of Content Do Users Share On Facebook?

What-Type-Of-Content-Do-Users-Share-On-FacebookNo online marketing strategy can be considered as certain and definite. There are always changes in the strategies to be used. There are always indefinite changes in the results. This is why people tend to hire a professional SMM Company India who can help them fight against the ever-changing regulations and laws of the Internet while staying put in the business.

Marketing on one of the leading online platforms today – Facebook – is also not definite. But, one thing about this platform is certain, and that is the news feed algorithm updates. The latest algorithm update on Facebook announces that it will place greater emphasis on updates from family and friends. Thus, it advises page admins and editors to post things that their audience is likely to share with their friends and family.

Okay, you got the point. But, have you ever wondered why people share content on Facebook? Does this kind of sharing prove useful to those who post content? How can the shares be used to determine whether the content you create is such that people are more likely to share it? All these questions have been researched upon by Fractl, a content marketing agency in the United States.

Ashley Carlisle, Brand Media Relations Strategist at Fractl, said, “With the latest algorithm tweak putting more emphasis on user-generated content, as well as the third-party content users share, marketers must now more than ever understand the sharing habits and motivations of the average Facebook user in order to ensure brand awareness and engagement on the network. Creating content that appeals to today’s user, however, lowers the likelihood of reduced organic traffic as users will want to naturally syndicate share worthy content.”

Now, let us get back to the point why people share content on Facebook. According to Fractl’s research who surveyed 2000 people, there are 4 major reasons, which are stated below.

To entertain others

This was found to be the major reason why people share content. 48% of the people surveyed said that they share something that is interesting and can entertain their friends. This interesting content includes that which is funny and cute like images and memes. It could even be inspirational videos, images and articles that have ‘light’ content that makes people feel good.

To express themselves

17% of people said that they share content to show people who they are and what they prefer. The content they share will show people what kind of a person they are. For example, if they share something about sports, music, movies, etc., it will show people their hobby. If they share something about news, issues, politics, etc., it will show people what they care about. A majority of these 17% share such content only to maintain an image of themselves. Moreover, 62% of the people said that they don’t share content that would make them appear bad or negative.

To induce a response

Emotions like happiness, surprise, anxiety, sorrow and disgust are proven to drive lots of shares. 13% of the people surveyed by Fractl said that they share content that will make their friends feel a certain type of emotion. However, 52% of people avoid sharing any kind of controversial content.

To inform

11% of people share content that can be useful to their friends. This may include content related to news, reviews and how-to(s).

To sum it up,

48% people share content to entertain others

17% people share content to express themselves

13% people share content to induce an emotional response

11% people share content that may be useful to their friends.

So, what about the remaining 11%? These accounted for various reasons like for persuasive reasons, to show people what they have been reading, to see what their friends think about a particular topic, to find content again later, and many varied reasons. Whatever, the reason, sharing content makes people feel connected. Billions of people log in every day to stay connected with their loved ones. So, you must try to create content that is powerful enough to prompt as many people as possible from these billions to share your content.


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