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Stay Away From These Common SEO Issues!

Stay-Away-From-These-Common-SEO-IssuesThe Web is already full of websites, advertisements, maps, blogs and all sorts of stuff. Now, you want to enter the space with your own website. With so much of important information already being fed to people, do you think they are going to even notice you? Not if you don’t have the right SEO techniques. It is only excelling in these techniques that can put you ahead of the competition. Here is a list of the most common SEO issues that website owners are experiencing.

Duplicate content

Almost 50% of Web pages have duplicate content. This issue may not raise a penalty but, there is a higher price to pay for the duplicate content issue. If you have two Web pages with the exact same content, they will be fighting each other for the same search position. Google will then filter one at the expense of the other, which may not necessarily be the page that you want to rank. Thus, you must use the rel=canonical tag to let Google know which page you want to see ranking of the two.

Title tag issues

Title tags tell users and search engines what a particular page on the site is about. It does so in the most concise and accurate way possible. However, 35% of websites are seen to have duplicate title tags, 15% have very long title tags, 8% don’t have them at all, and 4% don’t provide enough text. All these impact the traffic flowing in to the site. Thus, you need to be very careful while framing your title tag.

H1 tag issues

Just like title tags, even H1 tags need to be accurate. Almost 20% of websites have multiple H1 tags, another 20% do not have H1 tags at all, and 15% sites have duplicate H1 tags. Make sure you use only one H1 tag per page on your site and provide the most unique and appropriate heading.

Meta description issues

Just like title tags, even meta descriptions, placed under the page URL in search results, are important to describe the content of the page in a short paragraph. 30% of websites online are seen to be having duplicate meta descriptions and 25% of sites have no meta descriptions at all – both of which are wrong practices. Make sure you provide a meta description for your page that is written uniquely for your content.

Image issues

Another issue that Web pages have been seen to have is with their images. 45% of websites have images with missing alt tags and 10% sites have broken images. Alt tags help Google to understand what your images are about so that they can be indexed properly in image search, which in turn helps to bring additional traffic to your site. Missing alt tags will not have your images indexed, thus a great loss to your site. Similarly, broken images also provide a poor user experience. Thus, you must host images within your own media library, and not on a third-party image host.

Broken internal and external links

Almost 35% of websites have broken internal links that return bad HTTP status codes, 70% of which return a 404 Page Not Found code. Moreover, 25% of sites have broken external links, which can seriously impair the site’s authority. Make sure you check for such broken links and eliminate them right away!

Too many on-page links

Cramming a page with unnatural links is a big issue in regards to SEO. Moreover, a page cluttered with links provides a poor user experience too. You must have a natural link profile that includes only relevant high quality links. Get rid of the links that don’t provide any value to your readers or SEO strategy.

To help you have the best on-page and off-page SEO, you must hire the most proficient organic SEO services from a reputed company, who will look into all your practices and strategies and help you get rid of all the wrong practices.


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