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Simple Yet Clever Design Trends For 2018

Design trends are changing every now and then. You realize about a trend change, work towards adopting the change, and by the time you have incorporated the technique into your strategy and are waiting for the results to be seen, there is something new waiting for you to take notice. This chain continues and then you either fail to get the results you wish to, or are all messed up between the changing trends. This is why you must hire a Web development company in India to take care of this task as they are always aware of the latest trends. Moreover, they are highly professional to adopt the latest trends just quickly to bring you the best results almost immediately. However, whether you hire professional experts or not, you must know what’s trending this season.

Dark backgrounds with white text

One of the classic combinations is a dark background with white text. It’s nothing new, but the trend is different. The dark background here is not a solid background or picture; it’s a dark video or animation. This kind of visual interactive content in the background draws user attention and makes the landscape a little inviting. Further, white text over it adds to the somberness of the design, while making the text easy to read too.

Split screens

Split screens have been in trend before too, and are back again with a new style. This time it’s bold split screens and subtle pairings. With split screens, you can provide dual pieces of content, strikingly different, together on a page with equal importance. Moreover, they don’t mess up with the design when viewed on any device type. On horizontal desktop screens, the two content pieces appear side by side; while on vertical mobile screens, the content is stacked up over each other. Furthermore, split screens also lets users decide on what content piece they want to view, putting them in control of the design and giving them a choice on how to interact with the content.


Circles imply completeness and harmony; and are used to represent power and energy. Although circles are seen most often in usage in the form of buttons and call-to-actions, but now they are taking on stronger roles in designs. But, one challenging element about using circles within a design is the shape of websites, and the devices they will be seen on. Websites can be seen on horizontal desktop screens and also on vertical mobile screens. And, no device medium should distort the shape of the circles. Therefore, the circles should be used such way in space that the design does not break, when seen on any size and shape of device.

These three trends are very simple yet may not draw your attention. But, using them into your design can definitely draw users’ attention towards your brand. So, use these three clever design tactics and revamp your website design. You never know when small changes can bring great results!


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