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Guidelines To Design A Speedy Mobile-Friendly Website


We all know how more and more users are adapting their mobile devices for browsing the Web. And looking at this increasing number, we are also witnessing a growth in the number of mobile websites coming up. With so many mobile websites present, you need to make sure that yours is optimized well, or else it may lose out on being visible in SERPs. And, one of the most important elements that you need to focus upon is the loading speed of your site. If your website takes all the time it wishes to before loading, do you think visitors will sit and wait for it to load, when they have so many other options to choose from? Surely not! Visitors will abandon your website to browse another site that loads faster, meaning that you lose out on a lot! So, designing fast loading mobile pages is one of the most crucial things you need to do. You can hire professional and qualified Web development services in India to take care of it, or follow the below mentioned guidelines to help you design a speedy mobile-friendly website.

Limit the number of graphics and videos

Adding images, infographics, animations, and videos are very powerful to improve the impact of your website. However, these elements also add up to slowing down of your page loading speed. But, because you cannot eliminate them completely, you need to limit and optimize them. First of all, add only a limited number of graphics and videos that you feel are important for your page. Next, you need to optimize their size, resolution, and format. For example, JPEG images will take up lesser time to load as compared to PNG images.

Avoid adding complex elements

There are innumerous elements on your website, which gradually slows down the speed of the site as and when they add up. And over time, all these elements are unmonitored and unoptimized, which results in even more slower pages. So, keep monitoring all these elements from time to time; get rid of those that are unwanted, and optimize the ones that are needed to have the best possible speed on your site.

Make use of caching

HTML 5 allows the data of your website to be stored in the local storage of the browser once the website is browsed. This eliminates the need of data to be drawn from the server again and again, thus reducing a lot of loading time. This also helps to save quite a lot on the server, thus helping users to access a few features even without the internet.

Opt for Content Delivery Networks

Just like caching stores data in local storage of browsers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) store pages on multiple servers around the globe, which helps in lessening the loading time of your site, as users can see your pages from the nearest CDN rather than waiting for it to load from far away. Thus, having your pages on multiple servers makes your website quicker to load.

Minimize the use of JavaScript and CSS

Combining JavaScript with CSS makes it possible for visitors to download the pages before they can view them, thus costing a lot of time. So, keep these elements to the minimum level and only as much as they are really required. Remove all the unwanted items from the downloadable files and avoid all the white spaces and unnecessary comments in your JavaScript and CSS files.

Reduce the Document Object Model ready time

Document Object Model (DOM) ready time is the time taken to parse the HTML code. The higher this time, the slower will be the speed. So, you must optimize your fonts and website structure, and avoid redirect links, so as to speed up the loading time of your site.

These few tactics can help you up your website speed to a great extent. Utilize all of them in the best possible way for best results.


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