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Should You Opt For Quantity Or Quality For SEO?


There are thousands of keywords in every industry that can be targeted to rank on SERPs and attract the right kind of audience. Moreover, for every single keyword, there are dozens of suggestions available for related terms. So, people use keyword variations and long tail keywords too. But, with all those hundreds and thousands of keywords, how will SEO be worked upon? A professional SEO company in India can help you with this as they are experienced and have know-how about how the Web works.

Organic strategy

It is advisable to focus on a narrow group of keywords instead of wasting time, money and efforts on a strategy that won’t give a significant ROI. Instead of quantity, it is always quality that will have the winning hand in SEO. While deciding upon which keywords to target out of these thousands, you must check for the global as well as local search volume for each one and their competition. Although it is difficult to know how many people are targeting particular keywords, it is easier to check for competition and their estimated bid for PPC campaigns. Those that have high search volume will always have high competition, while those with low search volume will have low competition. Therefore, if you opt for keywords with high search volume, you are definitely going to be fighting to be seen. On the other hand, targeting keywords with low search volume will not be able to bring you the traffic that you want. So, what are you supposed to do? You need to find a strategy that strikes a balance between search volume and competition, meaning that you find out keywords that have lesser search volume, but medium competition.

Once you decide upon a list of keywords for your site, you will want to use multiple keywords on every page on your site. However, it is suggested to use only one main keyword for every page that can be used in headers and meta description. Other keywords can be used in the body of the content, but will limiting the usage. Be alert to use variations of the keywords.

PPC campaign

Another way you can easily rank is by using a PPC campaign that will send more traffic to your site for a particular keyword. This will boost your site’s ranking and help you perform better in organic search for the same keywords. If your budget limits you after a certain extent, you must focus on the most important keywords on your list and then add up keywords as and when you can expand your resources. Just like in organic search, you will have to maintain a balance between search volume and competition in this case too, if you have a limited budget. More competition means more spending; however meaning a higher search volume too! Thus, you need to check for your budget and decide on the right decision to accomplish your goals.

You may say that SEO is all about numbers, but wasting your time and money on these numbers may or may not bring you returns. Therefore, it is better to focus on quality with assistance from a reputed SEO company in India and get a better ROI to meet your goals faster.


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