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What Could Be The Possible Reasons For Google AdWords Failure?


Google AdWords is no doubt a difficult program to understand and optimize, but it isn’t impossible. Yes, it is difficult for those who are just getting into the game or for those who don’t have a knowledgeable industry professional to help. So, if you haven’t got one yet, make sure to hire a professional digital marketing company in India to help you at every stage of marketing your brand, products and services in the best way possible. We often hear people say that Google AdWords isn’t working for their business. But, this isn’t true! The truth in fact is that they don’t use the tool properly. So, if you also feel that Google AdWords isn’t working for you, make sure to check for these few mistakes you might be making that may be resulting in failure.

Lack of planning

Businesses are most commonly seen to simply jump into using AdWords and then buying lots and lots of keywords. But, what is actually needed is effective planning and strategies. You need to first do a research and think about how you are supposed to go about your campaigns. You must first try to read the minds of your searchers – try to understand what they are searching for, what your business can provide them, and how their queries can be solved. Based on this, come up with the most appropriate keywords that will help in conversions and will provide value to your searchers. You must always think about solving the searcher’s intent.

Inappropriate landing pages

Another issue could be that you are providing more information than is needed, not highlighting what the searcher is looking for, or making it hard to find call-to-actions. Your landing pages should be clear in their intent and offer what the searcher is looking for, or else you are never going to get conversions, no matter how much you spend on your campaign.

Short tail keywords

Short tail keywords aren’t often the most efficient or profitable target words. And, there are a majority of people focusing on short tail only, which is what might lead them to fail. Using broad keywords (for example, women’s apparel) includes high cost and high risk with low chances of conversion. This is because there are many competitors in the broad keywords segment. On the other hand, if you use long tail descriptive phrases that are more narrowly defined (for example, women’s black cotton sarees), it will have much lesser competition and a better chance of conversions. Therefore, you must take your time to create more targeted and narrowly defined campaigns.

No retargeting

It isn’t always necessary that the searchers land on your page, find what they are looking for, and are sure to convert. There may be reasons why they may like your products but may just opt out of it. The average AdWords campaign conversion rate found is between .05% and 5% only! This means you are only going to be wasting lots of clicks. This is where retargeting can greatly help you. Running dynamic retargeting can help you serve ads on the product level that increases the chances of conversions and thereby increases your returns significantly too. If you have different landing pages, you must create customized retargeting ads for each page. So, make sure to create retargeting ads for different segments of your website.

Not keeping yourself updated

You need to keep track of what your competitors are offering. Check for any better product offerings, value propositions, price reductions, etc. Compare where your competitors are leading ahead of you, and come up with offers and campaigns that serve the searchers better than them. Also, keep constant track of these activities for any changes to be seen. This could be on a weekly or monthly basis.

Check for all of the above features and see where you are lacking. Take steps to improve on the same and you will definitely see success. Google AdWords can be difficult, but with the right strategies and help from a professional digital marketing company in India, you will see great conversions.


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