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Mixing Social Media With SEO Strategy For Better Results


Social media is an important way people are connecting with one another – personally and professionally. If you want your business to be shown on social media and for people to recognize it, you need to have a social media marketing strategy along with SEO so that your content is exposed to a large number of audiences. SEO is constantly changing and you must know the basics in order to keep up with the trends. Jain Technosoft is a leading social media marketing company in India that can help you with any assistance you need to market your business on social media.

Why should social media marketing be infused with SEO?

Most common platform for users

Having your business page on a popular social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn will be more viewed than your own website. People are finding for businesses on social media to find out the most popular ones that fall in their search category. Make sure to make your business found on such platforms with the best SEO strategies.

Link building opportunities

Links are a great way to promote your content to more audiences. Social media platforms give you a great opportunity to build links. This is a great platform to build authority as well as relationship with other professionals in your own field.

Keyword addition

Using too many keywords on your website is not a good idea. But, social media gives you a way out to do this. If you start getting comments from visitors, you can start replying to them with SEO-rich keywords – atleast one in every comment. This will also let you have a great conversation and have people engaging with you.

How to infuse SEO with social media marketing?

Post relevant and useful content to gain more responses

It is important that the content created should be relevant and useful to the readers. The content should be such that people respond to it and find it useful enough to share it on social media. For this, you need to get into their minds and analyze what the readers might be looking for and how they would react to a particular content. Try to bring solutions to the problems your readers might be having. You need to trigger amusement, laughter and awe to prompt the readers to share your content. Sad or negative content is less likely to be shared. Increased shares and engagement of users with you will influence SEO and you can gain higher authority.

Target keywords that connect with the users’ search

Generally people start targeting keywords that are in high competition. But, that is not always beneficial. You need to target keywords related to what the users search for. Instead of looking at the market for keywords, you need to focus on what your customers are trying to find. Use the words and phrases that your potential customers are likely to search. This will lead to more people finding your content easily and in turn, will result in more shares and links. Just as mentioned earlier, you need to get into your customers’ mindsets to know what they will be searching.

Connect with high authority influencers

Try connecting with people who can highly influence the market, who will spread your content even further and whose presence on your content will itself have a great influence on the other customers. Search for people who will be helpful in your business category.


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