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How To Have A Lighting Fast Loading Website?


Page speed is one of the most effective factors that can affect user engagement and ranking on SERPs. As you have the fastest page loading speed, users will be satisfied and content, and their behavior will help you earn the best possible rankings (obviously, you also need to have good and relevant content and information with user-friendly layouts and navigation). Thus, it is very important to improve your page loading time. So, here’s helping you with some of the best tips and strategies to bring to your website the fastest possible speed, if slow speed is what has been keeping you off the SERPs list lately.

Optimize your images

Images are one of the most space and speed taking elements on a page, which is why it is important to optimize your images. Use the smallest and least possible images, with the lowest storage space and size. You can use image formatting to use the correct sized image. You must also opt for lazy loading to avoid or delay downloading images that are further down the page, and not visible as yet on the visible part of the screen.

Optimize your CSS

Make sure that your CSS is inline, which will solve render blocking. You must also minimize your CSS files. For example, if you have certain CSS that are used only on the homepage, don’t include them on other pages. You can also combine the CSS files, but use multiple bundles.

Modify the placement of your JavaScript

As you remove a JavaScript, the page speed improves a notch. Thus, you must remove as much JavaScript as you can, and use the minimal possible JavaScript necessary for your pages. You may also move JavaScript to the bottom of the page or inline. However, altering the placement of your JavaScript has you to keep testing it constantly to make sure it doesn’t affect the functionality of your site.

Lighten your web fonts

If you don’t know yet, it is important that you know that your fonts can be heavy! If you are looking for a beautifully designed website, you may be using the best possible fonts, without realizing that they are taking up a lot of space and reducing your loading speed. While keeping your pages pretty, you must also focus on the speed they take to load.

Use a CDN

Having a CDN means having a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide faster delivery of internet content. You can quickly transfer your assets required for loading internet content like images, videos, HTML pages, JavaScript files, and more. A properly configured CDN also protects websites against malicious attacks.

These are only some of the simple ways in which you can boost up the speed of your website. For many other technical solutions, you will need to hire a professional and experienced digital marketing company in India, who can help you with other solutions like having a Reverse Proxy configuration, extending the TTL of cache, warming up the cache, using HTTP headers, and more. But remember, for every change you make to try and improve the speed of your pages, make sure to monitor the impact of the change so as to ensure that you are on the right track.


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