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Can SEO And CRO Conflict?


Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization are two very important aspects of digital marketing. With both being important, it is vital that they both go hand in hand. Any changes made to SEO should not affect CRO, and vice versa, because if they do, the results are going to be heart-breaking! However, while there are certain factors that you change in one wouldn’t affect the other, there are others that can have a direct impact. For example, if we make any changes in the meta information (SEO related change), it wouldn’t affect CRO; and if we make any changes on non-indexed pages (CRO related changes), it wouldn’t affect SEO. But, there are many other factors that do show negative effects on the other part of digital marketing, when changes are made to the first one. To solve this issue, you should know when you should focus on SEO and when you should concentrate your efforts on CRO. There is a difference is how website developers and marketers think about the architecture for the landing pages.

Optimizing pages for SEO

When a page is optimized for SEO, it may look great! But, what about how it deals with the conversion process? More than 90% of people who get to such a page may just read the post; and there could be only 10% who may share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social network of their choice. Then, there will be some who may email it to their friends, or like/comment on it. So, what is it that you can gain or value that you can earn from such pages? Marketers may think that there is a problem with the conversion of the page because there isn’t a particular call to action down there to show visitors the path that they must take next.

Optimizing pages for CRO

Now, let’s speak about a page that is developed keeping conversions in mind. For example, if it is a pricing page that helps users choose from a price package, it doesn’t need to target any search keywords. It also doesn’t need to be shared or linked to. There isn’t a need for such a page to rank in SERPs. But, how do people land on such a page? Because it is not a landing page, people may come here from a variety of sources. It could be by landing on another sales landing page, or through a socially shared page, or anywhere else. So here, we are taking about a mix of people coming to the page from different sources.

Optimizing pages for both SEO and CRO

There could be certain pages that can be focused on both rankings and conversions. The best example for this is an online shopping site like Flipkart or Amazon. Such pages need to rank well as well as convert to soaring heights. Thus, it needs to combine aspects of both SEO and CRO. Such pages thus rank because of the overall site’s domain authority. You need to build a remarkable reputation of your brand on and off the Web. You need to have lots of great content marketing and brand-building content; and the goal of the content should be to compel visitors to purchase your products.

After understanding all of the above, don’t forget that changes made to one aspect will not necessarily change every aspect of the other. For example, ranking authority depends significantly on a variety of elements like keywords, content quality, domain authority, page authority, and usage data. But, changes made to pages for CRO may affect only the elements of keywords, content quality, and usage data; with no changes made to the page or domain authority. These are just a part of the digital marketing strategies that you can learn about. To get the best experience of ranking and marketing, you must hire professional SEO services in India that can help you get the best of both worlds!


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