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Why Should You Incorporate Local SEO In Your SEO Strategy?


Local SEO is often seen to be treated differently from rest of the marketing strategies. There are three main reasons why this is done.

The belief that there is a lot to take in

Any digital marketing company has a long list of services, to provide which they have always been stretching far and wide over to cover an ever-expanding range of publicity opportunities. These include on-site optimization, link building, keyword research, content development and promotion, brand building, social media marketing, PPC management, technical website audits, UX audits, and much more. This is why these agencies feel that they are spread a little too thin while considering how to support further requirements like local on-site SEO, local landing page development, store locator SEO, local brand building, local link building, etc. However, today, many companies have accepted this challenge and have started forming smart strategic partnerships with providers who specialize in SEO services in India.

Google had separate local and organic algorithms earlier

Up till a few years back, Google’s local products were governed by an algorithm that was very different from its organic algorithm. This kept marketers from bridging together offline, organic, and local marketing strategies. But, when Google introduced its Pigeon Update in 2013, it intended to tie the two algorithms together, which then brought about a change in the world of SEO.

Businesses leaned more on paid advertising

Local SEO has always experienced lack of adoption, as compared to organic SEO; and similarly, organic SEO has always been left behind when marketers have adopted paid advertising. Businesses, who invested an amount in organic SEO, spent ten times the amount in PPC! Even though PPC earned 10% lesser than organic SEO, only 15-20% of businesses have seen to be preferring organic SEO; let alone local SEO.

However, today, it is being widely accepted that both organic SEO and local SEO are al mainstream that are reaching towards identical goals of customer service, customer acquisition, and customer retention. There is a definite overlap of techniques that both SEOs and local SEOs implement. After all, they both focus upon improving customer experience. This makes local SEO fit in with every SEO strategy that you have been implementing till date.

Customers are what make all marketing strategies a true team effort; and it is our job to make every aspect of the customer experience better every day. So, it becomes imperative to combine local SEO with organic SEO for your business by hiring professional SEO services in India. Remember that no matter how exceptional your SEO strategy may be, but if you are playing any kind of solo SEO game, you are sure to lose out some day. Only with a brave mix of various marketing strategies can you win. Eliminate anything from the mix, and you may miss out on your customers; and you definitely don’t want that, do you!? So, look at every marketing discipline as part of your SEO chores and work towards achieving them.


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