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Why Should You Include Interlinking In Your Optimization Strategy?


Internal linking is one of the best ways to improve a website’s SEO, ranking, and user experience. This process makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to find old and cornered pages easily and quickly, which enables all your old and new pages to get indexed faster. In this way, it helps every page of a website to be easily accessible by passing link juice, which in turn boosts up user experience on the site. You must hire professional SEO services in India by experts who have complete knowledge about interlinking and other such SEO elements so that they can help boost your website’s ranking and improve user experience on your site too. Although we have got a gist about how interlinking is beneficial for both SEO and UX, let us delve deeper into the subject for further information.

Interlinks help keep old pages alive

We all know how search engines love fresh new content, which is why we keep creating new relevant content for our site. And, in the process, we forget about the old pages, no matter how informative and significant they may be. Search engine crawlers will be kept away from identifying these old pages, which means their organic ranking potential will be restricted. But, this can be prevented by having an efficient backlink strategy in place. When the newer relevant pages that fetch organic traffic are linked with older content, more traffic is brought to both, and the chances that older pages are viewed by users rise considerably.

Interlinks fetch more traffic

When older pages are viewed through interlinking, it eliminates the need for creating backlinks to every individual page by linking other pages to the most traffic fetching page. This means that if you base all your backlinking to your homepage, you must ensure that all other pages are linked to it as well so that they are visible to both search engine crawlers and users. This will result in traffic flowing from one page to another, multiplying multiple times.

Interlinks increase users’ time-on-site

Users who are on the lookout for information will appreciate having a single place where all relevant data is available. When pages are linked to other relevant pages, users are bound to visit all those pages, thus increasing the time-on-site and decreasing bounce-back-time. However, the interlinks should be easy to find, or else they will lose their purpose. For example, if your website has a drop-down menu and navigation bar with links to relevant topics on the home page, you can make the most out of the interlinks.

Apart from the drop-downs and navigation bars, you can also utilize content interlinks embedded in the text displayed on the page, and images that have page links behind them. Both these types of interlinks will encourage further user-website interaction, thus increasing SEO value. You are free to use whatever kind of interlinks you wish to have on your website, but remember not to have any broken links. All the interlinks must be functioning properly, or else you will harm the user experience, and in turn your website’s ranking.


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