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Improve Your Sales By Avoiding These Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes


Though the importance of website design has been time and again emphasized, there are many ecommerce companies who take this one aspect of their website very lightly. In fact there are several companies who are yet to understand the negative impact a ‘bad’ ecommerce web design has on their sales.

Here is a list of some common website design mistakes, which when avoided is sure to boost the sales of your business:

Difficult Navigation

One of the basic requirements of any website design is that it should be easily navigable for the visitors. The aim is quite simple – if the visitors are unable to navigate through your website, how will they come to know about your products and services? Difficulty in navigation is one of the major reasons for increased bounce rate for many website. Fix this basic requirement and see improvement in the traffic on your website.

Wrong Product Description

Product descriptions are very vital for any ecommerce website. In fact a good product description has the same effect as that of a good salesperson. It helps the customers understand what makes the product better and why should they buy it. In spite of being so important, many ecommerce websites rarely make an effort to have right and detailed product descriptions.

Too many Videos and Photos

True that pictures and images adds edge to website design, yet as is said “excess of anything is bad”. So is in the case of videos and photos. There are several websites which play video automatically. Many visitors do not appreciate it. The same goes for photos.

Less Content

It needs to be kept in mind that your website is hugely incomplete if it lacks content. Right content engages the visitors on your website in an effective manner and increases the chances of converting them in to full time customers. As a word of caution it is important that you do not stuff your website with low quality content.

Always come up with content which is informational and adds value to your website. This way, your website will attract more traffic on your website and improve its search engine rankings as well.

Pay Attention to Fitts’ Law

According to this law eyes are drawn to larger items on a website. This makes it more clickable. Thus it is recommended that all important elements be developed in larger items, in order to make it more clickable.  Also it will be good if some kind of visual hierarchy is followed in website design for better aesthetic effect and user-engagement.

These are some of the very important aspects which one needs to keep in mind when a website is designed. Include them in your ecommerce website design plan and see a positive change in the website traffic, search engine ranking and sales of your business.


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