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Design Features Essential For An eCommerce Website


Today, online shopping has become such a craze that not only has women glued to eCommerce stores but, men too keep looking for smartphones, tech gadgets and much more online! Parents today shop online for all their little ones needs – right from walkers and bouncers when they are learning to walk to school supplies and toys when they grow older. If you want to target all these age groups and genders, you need to have a great eCommerce store. But, with so many multiple online stores available, what would make your website stand out from the others? Undoubtedly, there are no definite design features that would guarantee you success but, some basic essentials should not be ignored.

Product images

The most important feature that your eCommerce store must have is effective images of all your products. Remember that a visually attractive product image will highly impact a user’s buying decision. Because visitors on an online store cannot feel the product or see it in person, it is only the look that can help them. Use high quality pictures and make sure to provide images taken from different angles to showcase all the various details of the products. Also, provide an option to zoom in to clearly see the features.


Quite a percentage of shoppers are highly influenced by brands. When they see a store offering products designed by well-known brands, they feel that the store is genuine. Make sure to have products from some, if not all, top brands that people are well-aware of. Also, make sure to highlight these brands by placing them on the top of the list so that users are attracted towards the products.


Another important aspect of an eCommerce store is its navigation. A user should be able to find the perfect product he is looking for out of the thousands of products available on your site. And for this, it is necessary that he must be able to browse through the site easily. Instead of looking at your site from your perspective, it is suggested that you put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try to understand how they will look for a product. Accordingly, you must provide a clear and logical navigation. Remember that lost visitors will result in lost sales.

Popular products

You must showcase the most popular products on your site. Set up a separate area for helping visitors see the products that are highly being purchased by other customers on your site. Promote your recent sales and new product lines to help visitors find something that they may be interested to buy. You also need to make sure you keep this section updated frequently.

Related products

Another important section you must have is that of ‘related products’. When buyers are searching for a particular item, you may suggest a list of similar products from other brands too, or other products that may be useful to them in combination with what they are planning to buy. If you are able to promote the right products, it may be an effective strategy to help increase the sale of your products.


The checkout process should be simple, confusion-free and secure. Keep the steps involved with checkout to the minimum. Too many steps will have users either confused or irritated and it may result in shoppers abandoning their cart with items left unpurchased. Moreover, you should be able to build trust within customers when they shop from you. Especially when they decide to shop with pre-payment via their debit or credit cards, they should be assured that their information will be kept confidential.

Whatever you do, you must remember that your design must not overpower your products. Afterall, it is the products that are important for your store; the design is only a supporting feature. So, plan effectively to sell online. Finding the perfect theme or having a designer who understands your goals well can eat up quite a lot of your time. But, if you hire a reputed eCommerce web development company, you can be relaxed to have an effective design and layout with your site being created easily and quickly.


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