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How To Improve User Experience To Boost Conversions?


Users expect the website that they are on to do everything that they want them to do. They believe that they should be free to go wherever they want, travel the navigation path the way they want to, etc. And, when a website does not match the standards of their expectations, they would just go mad and leave, never to return to the site again! Now, you definitely don’t want that happening on your site ever! So, what do you do? You improve the user experience on your site. And how, we are here to tell you.

First of all, you must know a few things about the brand and the website before you jump in to improving the UX. These include business goals, user goals, brand guidelines, user personas, common device used, common contexts, high impact pages, and the competitors. Once you get familiar with all of this, you can move ahead to the fundamentals of UX that can help boost your conversion rate.


Consistency is one of the most important elements of a website’s design. Whether it is the layout, colour, font, or anything else, consistency throughout your website is important. Also, the language you speak on your home page (1st or 2nd person), should be used in the same manner on every page of the website. Also, the design you follow should be of a similar format that users are used to seeing. For example, placement of the hamburger menu, food menu availability for restaurant websites, show times and ticketing schedules on theatre websites, etc.


You need to keep the focus of your visitors on your products and services only. And for this, you need to eliminate all kinds of distractions. Don’t put up any kind of images and statements that have no relation to your brand as this may distract your visitors’ minds, which may then start wandering elsewhere, thus breaking off the link between your brand and your visitors.


While users want to be able to navigate easily on a website, knowing where exactly to go and how to reach there, they also want to be able to understand clearly where they exactly are. When they land on a page and browse through it, they want to know again where they are at present, so that they know where they are to go next and how. For this, you need to keep the URLs defined and easy to understand, highlight the tab the user is presently on, use breadcrumbs on your site, and have a bold clear headline for each page.


It is a known fact that users are attracted more towards imagery than text. This makes it vital for every website to have some sort of imagery. And, when you can use this imagery to help users convert, there could be nothing better! You can use icons to prompt users to like, call, message, email, book, etc. But, remember to use icons that users are familiar with, rather than trying to impress them with your “ideal art”. Use the buttons that are being used popularly on other websites and platforms. And, to make it easier for your users, you can pair your icons with text to define its identity clearly.

These are just the very basic fundamentals that can help you provide users with a great Web experience. For other strategies and tactics, you must hire a Web development company in India who can help you develop a completely new website, or redesign your current website to include all the elements that provide a great user experience so as to boost conversions.


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