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How To Use Title tags and H1 tags for better SEO and UX?


Title tags and H1 tags are two very important elements of a webpage that play a big role in search engine rankings. They can increase your rank if used correctly. If you fail to use them in the correct manner, you not only lose rankings but, you may also have to encounter penalties. So, you need to know how to use them well. Also, the title tag and H1 tag of a webpage are confused to be the same. Although they have many similarities but, you need to know the difference between the two and how you can use them differently for different results.

How do Title tag and H1 tag differ?

Both, the Title tag and H1 tag, serve the purpose of describing what a webpage is about. They share the same broader purpose but, they are very different. The key difference lies in where they appear, which also impacts how search engines and users analyze the particular page.

The Title tag is the hyperlink shown on the search engine results page, on which the searchers click to visit the actual webpage. When a user types in a relevant keyword in the search box of the search engine, the list that they see comprises of these Title tags as the headings of the webpages. When the user clicks on this hyperlink and gets to the actual page, this Title tag appears in the title bar at the top of the Web browser. It is also used as the default title when someone bookmarks the page. Remember that this Title tag never appears in the body of the webpage.

H1 tag, on the other hand, is the title that is shown on the actual webpage. It is a large text that acts as the title of the content on the page. This tag does not appear on the search engine results page.

How do these tags affect SEO?

When you have a relevant Title tag and H1 tag for your webpage, it helps Google better understand what the page is about. If you provide an irrelevant or poor title or entirely omit the Title tag for your page, Google won’t know what your page is about, which will in turn affect your rankings. Without any relevant information in the Title or Header of the page, how is Google supposed to find out what your page is about? So, even if you have great content, you will lose out on your ranking only because of this one small mistake.

How do these tags affect user experience?

Google considers user experience as an important element while putting up your website for ranking. If you have satisfied more and more users, you are definitely going to rise higher on Google SERPs. If you don’t provide a proper title to your page, not only Google but also the users will not be able to understand what the page is about. If the Title tag doesn’t seem relevant or useful to the searchers, they won’t even consider clicking on it. Even if they do, what if there is no useful H1 tag too? Rather than reading the page’s content to know what it is about, the visitors will prefer going back and looking for another better relevant site. This leads to a poor user experience and hence, affects your rankings.

How to write Title tags and H1 tags for better SEO and UX?

Now, you might have understood how important it is for you to write relevant Title and H1 tags for each web page. You must first ask yourself what the searchers might type in Google for your page to show up. Use this as your Title tag. Next, try to sum up your entire content in about 7-8 words and put that up as your H1 tag.

Once you have everything on track, you will surely have a great user experience and in turn, a better SEO. For any kind of assistance or queries regarding SEO, you can count on Jain Technosoft, the best SEO company in India, to take care of all your SEO concerns. We have been providing SEO services to all kinds of businesses including real estate, travel, healthcare, hotels, institutional and many more.


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