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How To Make Every Web Page A Landing Page?

How-To-Make-Every-Web-Page-A-Landing-PageYou may have heard and read a lot about building perfect landing pages for your website. Actually, you don’t need to build new landing pages for your site; you actually need to make sure that every page on your site is a landing page in itself. And, how will you make sure? Given below are some things you need to make a check on.

Is your Web page visually attractive?

The first and foremost thing visitors will notice about your page is its appearance. If your page is visually appealing, there is a higher chance that visitors will go through your page. It is a very time consuming and demanding task to make your page an attractive one. Every little element improves or deteriorates the appearance – whether it is line spacing, paragraph headings, breaks, image placement, colours or button placements.

Generally, a template is prepared while designing a page and different content is fit within. There is a specific placement for text, images, calls-to-action, etc. But, this template style should be done away with if you want your page to be a landing page. Instead, design your elements to be placed in a customized manner that best suits the message of the particular page. Keep trying and experimenting with different styles until you achieve the best one. And, if you aren’t sure you can do it well, hire the best Web design company in India to take care of all of it and keep you at ease.

Does your Web page have a purpose?

Every page of a website must have a purpose to make it a good landing page. You might say that your page is designed good enough to get to the top rank in SERPs or that your page talks about all your great products/services. Well, it’s great that they do but, this is not the actual purpose of your page. The purpose of a page depends on what the visitors are getting from you. Ask yourself how your page will be able to help the visitors. The answer you get will be the ‘purpose’ of your page. Your page must not only provide information – it needs to provide value that visitors can use to better their life.

Does your Web page deliver a message?

Every Web page should have a valuable message for the visitors. For example, your ‘About Us’ page shouldn’t be only about your company. At the bottom of the page, there needs to be a message that visitors can use to make decisions. Similarly, your product page should not talk about how great your products are; rather it should talk about how your products can benefit your customers. Likewise, your return policy pages must not provide information only on how products can be returned; it must also contain a message of buyer’s security. This means that every page must have a core message for the visitors.

Does your Web page have a goal?

Every Web page requires a goal – you need to know what you want your visitors to do next. You must ponder over what you want the visitors to do or where you want them to go next from the page they are on. Obviously, the ultimate goal for a business is to move visitors from a landing page to conversion. But, remember that not every page should have the same goal. If all you are doing is trying to convert, then it won’t be any good unless you try to understand what your visitors actually want. So, you need to walk your visitors through your site first. Let them take their time. The more time they spend on the site, the more they will know about you and be comfortable while dealing with you.

Does your Web page have specific calls-to-action?

Just like you need to know what you want your visitors to do next, even your visitors should know what they need to do and where they need to go. This can be shown to them by providing an effective and clear call-to-action. If you fail to put up calls-to-action, they won’t know where to head next and all they may do is navigate away from the page. Thus, you lose out on all your potential customers this way.

Take your time and put in efforts to go through every page on your site to see how you can improve to convert them to perfect landing pages. For the best results, you can get in touch with the best Website development company in India who has a great knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you.


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