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What Will Be In For Web Design In 2017?

what-will-be-in-for-web-design-in-2017Web designers are professionals who put in all efforts to create an interactive and personalized user experience. Every business requires a different style of website with different elements that will enhance their site and boost up business. This is why instead of doing all the designing yourself, it is advisable that you hire a proficient Website design company in India so that your business is understood well before the design is built. Other than the most well-known trends of mobile-first approach, responsive design, stylized typography, and vibrant colours, listed below are some other Web design trends that will be seen in 2017 that will top the list of great user experience elements.


Shifting from pages, mobile apps and Web pages are moving towards more personalized experiences in the form of cards. These include large rectangles of text and images that are entry points for more detailed information. This way, maximum information can be provided by making use of the smallest space, thus enhancing user experience. Moreover, you need to keep your design to the minimum and have the liberty to add motion graphics to your cards.

Product videos

Product explainer videos have been around for quite some time now, but their importance is only going to grow further. This is one element that will also be seen in 2017, where users will be provided with “How-to” guidance about the company’s products through these videos. Clocking in at around 60 to 90 seconds, they offer a quick and brief introduction to the virtues of a product. You can explain why your products are just so cool by adding informative voice-overs and clever animations. Users can get a detailed look and feel of the product that may drive positive decision-making towards buying the product. These videos satisfy user curiosity and doubts. However, don’t lean only on videos to explain everything, as there are a good percentage of visitors who don’t wish to watch videos on marketing sites.

Material design

To create a unified experience across platforms and devices of different sizes, Google had introduced material design, which is gaining popularity with time. Bold, graphic and intentional material design makes use of grid-based layouts, responsive transitions, animations, padding, shadow effects and more. All of this creates the required focus and meaning. As it provides a great user experience, regardless of screen size, material design will continue to shape many Web applications in 2017.


From pressing an elevator button to liking a photo online, we perform thousands of single-action tasks everyday without really thinking about it. These are microinteractions. Well-designed microinteractions will be in for 2017 in a variety of ways like pinning a photo, liking a status, retweeting a message, etc. Every touch, tap, scroll, zoom and pinch will get richer with more interactive elements and animation. Whatever you do, make sure that the microinteractions included are simple yet very powerful, and help users to interact with a website or mobile app even better.

Obviously all the trends mentioned above may not be a good fit for your Website design. But, you must know how to adopt these trends to create a better user experience. Utilize those trends that well suit your brand and business, and improve user experience on your site.


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