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How To Have A Successful Seasonal Marketing Strategy?


Every business has its ups and downs throughout the year. For few months of the year, the sales shoot up while few months see a downfall. Similarly, even your website traffic performance fluctuates throughout the year because the demand for your products/services changes with seasons. With these fluctuations, you need to adjust your marketing actions accordingly so that you can get the best possible profit in every season. Therefore, you need a perfect seasonal marketing strategy. You can have a professional online marketing company in India to help you out with planning up such a strategy for attaining the best results.

Your seasonal marketing strategy will include adjusting your online marketing campaigns as per the ongoing season, festival or holidays. You must target all important events including regional, national as well as global holidays that can affect your industry. You must be able to identify the appropriate opportunities and capitalize on them. If your seasonal marketing strategy is applied appropriately, you can draw considerable benefits and special traffic peaks too. So, how can you leverage these events to get the most benefit?

Let us take an example of an eCommerce store. During weekends and holidays, people will be browsing and purchasing more products as they would be having enough time to search through. Moreover, during events like Christmas, Diwali and New Year, people will shop for new apparels, footwear and jewellery. During summer and winter vacations, sales for flight and railway tickets will boost up. So, you can see how seasonal marketing perfectly fits B2C businesses.

In order to gain the best possible benefits, you need to understand web traffic seasonality, which is generally very predictable with upward and downward trends every year. You must be able to analyze these changes and plan your actions in advance to be ready for the upcoming season. Look at the traffic performance on your website backward. Make an year to year comparison and check when you have seasonal spikes. You can also relate these spikes with particular keywords and use them to drive better results. Depending on the season, event, holiday or specific period of the year, you can count on the related queries that trend in search results and social media platforms. According to the research, you must be prepared for similar questions during that particular time period.

Now, the question that arises is how you can prepare a successful seasonal marketing campaign for the coming season. Here are a few tips to help you on that.

  • First of all, you need to do a thorough keyword research using any keyword research tool like AdWords Keyword Planner. This will help you get the necessary data to help you choose the best keyword opportunities depending on search volume and competition.
  • Google Trends can help you get a little deeper into the data to let you know when exactly you can start your campaign. Therefore, you can get a list of keyword terms you must target for best results and you will also know when to implement your seasonal campaigns.
  • You must make sure to check the keyword terms according to the geographical locations of different countries if you want to target multiple countries.
  • After the complete research, prepare a list of events to include and plan up ideas on how to implement them correctly so that you can incorporate those campaigns into your everyday schedule.

Apart from a seasonal marketing strategy, you can have all your organic SEO, PPC campaigns, search engine marketing and social media marketing strategies planned up perfectly by hiring the SEO services of a professional marketing company who has been in the field for years and knows its job well.


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