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Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Efforts

get-the-most-out-of-your-marketing-effortsHave you been putting in your best, but still not getting the results you want out of your marketing efforts? You need to identify where you are lacking. Is it the content that is the issue or is it something you are not targeting like mobiles or social media? Find out at the earliest so that you can work upon it for the better. You can either hire an online marketing company in India or read this blog to find out for yourself how you can have an effective marketing strategy.

Effective blogging

Blogging is a way to attract more audiences and boost up your business. Learn and think about what readers may want to read about. Write with a purpose and create content that is informative. Do a keyword research and use those terms in your content; and make sure to make your blog content SEO-friendly. Format it properly using bullets, numbered lists, section headers, enough whitespace, bolds and highlights, and alt-text for images. Also, make sure to provide clear call-to-actions that tell the readers what they must do next.

Captivating headlines

Headlines make the first impression about the content below it; thus you need to have attractive and captivating headlines. You need to create an emotion with your headline; something that catches the mind and heart of the visitors so that they are tempted to read through the content. One trick that will work to make it interesting for your readers is that instead of writing a straightforward headline including the most important keyword(s), you could use the opposite of these words and create a headline with some irony or humour. You can also add a number to your headline. It has been researched that headlines with numbers get 73% more shares and engagement than those without.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has more to do that just posting pictures, statuses and tweets. Just like for any other marketing method, you need to have a complete strategy for social media too. For this, you need to first define a goal you want to accomplish with your strategy. Whether it is to drive in traffic, increase sales, or fill up forms, you need to be sure and specific. Next, assign yourself a number or percentage that you want to reach, so that it gives you something to drive towards and measure your success. Now plan up a campaign, jotting down the tactics to be performed from start to finish. Remember, out of all the different types of social media platforms available, you need to focus on a single platform first so that you can devote all your efforts into it. Also, make sure to post more of images, videos and infographics as they tend to go more viral than text.

Mobile marketing strategy

We all know how important mobiles have become today. Most of the browsing, shopping and transactions are taking place through smartphones. Therefore, you need to have a great mobile marketing strategy involved in your list too. You could either have a responsive website that fits all screen sizes from desktops to smartphones, or you could have an individual mobile site. If you opt for a mobile-friendly website, make sure you apply AMP to increase site speed. Also remember that what looks great on desktop is not certain to look good on mobile too. So, you need to identify potential issues and get them off of your mobile site. If you have a mobile app, you need to properly optimize it to be convenient for users in every way. Also, make sure to test your website and app on different operating systems, screens sizes and resolutions to offer a seamless mobile experience to your customers.


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