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Do You Know About These Modern Emerging Web Technologies?


Technologies are only increasing day by day, with innovations so smart that makes everything we do so much easier! Technologies have also made it so much effortless and more technical to build websites today. Although you won’t be using all the latest technologies for your website, but it is always better to be acquainted with them because what isn’t as important today may become mandatory tomorrow. So, here are some of the most prominent emerging tools for Web developers and Web designers India that can help improve the speed and codebase of building websites.


AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a simplified version of a Webpage with a standard template on mobile devices, optimized for reading. AMP sites load faster, pre-fetch images/videos, and also streamline the reading experience.


TypeScript is a scripting language that isn’t new, but is a superset of JavaScript. This language saves time writing basic scripts for the Web and for detailed Angular projects. It can become the most powerful scripting tool in your collection once you get used to the workflow.


Three.js is the most powerful open source JavaScript based rendering engine that can be used for Web graphics. Although very few websites need 2D or 3D graphics online, but this is one of the best JavaScript libraries one can use for creating data charts and detailed canvas elements.

Web Components

Web Components, a new style of elements for HTML5, help make custom reusable elements for dynamic page features like dropdown menus, image sliders and tabbed widgets. Although Web Components are still working their way through the W3C standards committee and are too early to be used in real projects, getting acquainted with them now can help when the specs are adopted by the W3C.


Polymer is an open source initiative that can make Web development easier if working with the Web Components API. For embedding features like videos and sliders, you get pre-built elements with Polymer. You can also create your own widgets based on the Web Components API. Thus, you can add multiple widgets on a single page without rewriting the same block of code.

Google Web Starter Kit

Google Web Starter Kit is not a tool, but a library of helpful resources for building responsive websites, local HTTP servers, live browser reload feature, modular Sass/CSS, and a lot more. This kit includes all the basics required for creating a great website, and can be used effectively to start a new Web project, irrespective of the experience level of the developers.


Gulp helps to compile your Sass into CC, auto-refreshes pages after making changes to code, adds templates or browser hacks into your code, and does everything else that can easily automate tasks so that tedious labour is reduced, and projects are built in shorter time.


Ionic is a free open source framework for both iOS and Android devices used for developing native mobile apps. Every app is written in Web-friendly code so that apps can be built in JavaScript. However, the final result of this framework looks like a real Java mobile application.


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