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How Does Google Consider Social Media Signals For Ranking?


How important are social signals for Search Engine Optimization? Google in 2010 had said that social signals are considered for ranking. But, in 2014, Google contradicted its own statement by saying that social signals are not an active factor for ranking. Whether social signals play an important role in Search Engine Optimization or not but, social media is definitely an integral part of digital media marketing and it has the potentiality to drive large amount of organic as well as inorganic traffic.


If you have good content, people will like or comment on it, and then share it too, which will lead to more people linking to your content. Thus, social signals like likes and tweets turn into links, which indirectly serve as a great helping hand for optimization. Google likes to see traffic coming in from social sites. Such traffic lets Google know that your site is being talked about, which makes your site popular.


Link building plays a very important role in an optimization strategy. Natural links are difficult to get but are important. Traditional link building for guest blogs are a great way to achieve success. If your website or blog gets social links from trusted social media platforms, there can be nothing better. This will bring in more traffic and improve your online visibility.

In order to get such links, you need to make sure that you have optimized your pages well. Track which social media platform is driving traffic to your site. Also, check if your social profiles are well optimized to get backlinks to your site. If you have a video on YouTube or if you use Facebook or Twitter, provide a link to your website. The more links you get, the closer you are to gain an editorial link or citation from trustworthy and popular sources.

Value and Authority

If you are getting more traffic to your site from credible social media platforms, Google perceives this as ‘branded’ signals. This increases your website’s value and authority for Google.

Now that you know that getting social media shares and links is important for Google to consider for ranking your site, you need to promote yourself on social media as much as possible. For this, you need to create content that people are compelled to share. Add infographics, videos and surveys to make your content even more interesting, which will help grab the attention of the users. This will drive more traffic to your site and increase your authority. You also need to stay engaged with users on social media. Respond to their comments and solve their queries if any. Comment on other blogs and forums and post your link wherever and whenever you find the right chance to do so.

Social media marketing thus, plays a very important role for a website today. Increase your social media presence and get more traffic. Make the most of the links coming in and increase your website’s authority. We, at Jain Technosoft, have an expertise in social media marketing. We help conceptualize a social media strategy by developing relevant and engaging content, promoting you in the market and creating viral campaigns. We also let you know which is the most appropriate social media platform that can help your business grow.


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