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Guidelines To A Perfect SEO Strategy For An eCommerce Website


With so much competition around, it is highly crucial to rank higher than your competitors on Google and other search engines. In fact, you must try to rank at number 1. But, if you don’t know the SEO tips and tricks to reach to the top, how are you going to reach there? If you don’t have a good strategy, you aren’t going to get enough clicks; and when you miss out on clicks, you miss out on sales and business too.

Optimizing a website for an eCommerce store is different from other types of websites and is also difficult as compared to them. This is because unlike other websites, the content to be published on an eCommerce site is very limited, and there are thousands of pages that need to be served as landing pages to match different audience segments. Given below are some strategies that can help you plan up a great organic SEO strategy for your eCommerce website.

Keyword research

You need to know what people are typing in the search bar to look for a particular product. These words should be used as your keywords. Use the most appropriate keyword for a particular product so that users find what they need almost instantly. The length of the keyword also plays an important role. Describe a product in the best possible way using the best possible keywords. For example, when a user is looking to buy a smartphone from Samsung, it is possible that he types only ‘Samsung smartphone’ to get a list of all the phones available on your page. But, if he is particular about the phone he wants, he may type in ‘Samsung Galaxy J7’. Another user might be even more particular and type ‘Samsung Galaxy J7 Gold 16 GB’. So, you need to be sure to provide these keywords for every product on your page, which serves a variety of users.

Product images

Images are very important for an eCommerce website. It is the image of the products that helps users to make half the decision of buying the product or not. If they see a relevant and appealing image, they will decide to go further into the details of the product. So, it is important that you put up the best quality image for every product. Provide high resolution pictures, which do not pixelate when zoomed in. Remember that too many high quality images can slow down your site. So, you may either reduce the size of your images or build a feature that allows users to zoom in to see a larger version of the picture. Apart from the users, it is also important that search robots understand your image for better ranking. Since they cannot read pictures, you will need to provide ALT tags for every image to let them know what your image is about.

Product descriptions

Provide an excellent and compelling description for each of your product such that the users get a detailed idea of what the product is and how it functions and helps. The language used should be simple yet attractive. Make sure your description is not copied from elsewhere or else it will lead to duplicate content issues. Provide a unique description for every product.

Easy navigation

It is very important that the navigation through your site is easy to understand and comfortable to move about. Organize your products and product pages as efficiently as possible, separating them into understandable and searchable categories. Your site should be such that it easily directs the users on their path from searching to purchase. For this, you need to take great care of internal linking between your pages. This will not only increase the traffic on your site but, will also increase your ranking potential.

User reviews

Another important factor that affects users’ buying decisions is the reviews of a product by people who have used the product or your service. Make sure to get the best reviews from satisfied users. Content that adds value to your page will be appreciated by users as well as search engines for ranking.

URL structure

Have URLs that are easily understandable by both users and search engines. Have clear and short URLs. Use hyphens instead of underscores. Use specific words instead of numbers. All this will lead you to having more connected users and search engines that understand your pages better.

Mobile optimization

A large number of users are now using their smartphones for shopping online. This makes it highly crucial for you to optimize your eCommerce website for different screen sizes and platforms. Provide users with a smooth mobile experience with a responsive design, great picture quality and also apps if possible.

Utilize the above mentioned tips and have the best organic SEO plan for your site so that you can lead against your competitors and rank above them on search engines.


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