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Guidelines For Optimizing Your FAQ Page


A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a place where the business answers basic questions that visitors may have about their services. The main purpose of a FAQ page is to clear up the confusion visitors may be having. So, it is important to analyze what questions you need to answer and whether the information you are providing is enough and valuable to the customers or not. Your FAQ page is a great way to market your brand, products and services.

A general FAQ page will be answering questions about pricing, shipping, cancellation, return of products, etc. First of all, provide all this general information to the customers. Sort this information into categories so that it becomes easy for users to find what they are looking for instantly. Even though all these questions are answered in your main content pages, you need to provide an overview of all this on your FAQ page because users will generally want to have a quick brief about all your services on a single page.

Apart from all these general questions, there may be other questions visitors may have in their mind, which you may not know about. So, how will you find out?

Check for long tail keywords in customer questions

Check for the common phrases a majority of your customers are using in their searches. Use tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner to research these terms. You won’t be seeing a high search volume for these terms but, you will be able to know which of these terms or phrases are more important than the others. Use these terms and phrases while framing your Q&A.

Find out what questions customers are asking

How will you find out what questions customers are asking? There are a number of ways. You can ask them directly. If you have a store, you can talk to the most recent inbound leads and ask them what questions they have, to which they are unable to find answers online. You can also ask your sales team at your store what the customers want to find out before shopping with you. If none of the two options are possible for you, you can simply set up a survey or feedback form where your customers can write down their queries.

Add calls-to-action on your FAQ page

Consider adding a call-to-action on your FAQ page after answering particular questions. For example, it’s possible that a visitor might want to shop with you but is not sure if you have a free shipping facility. You can answer the question saying a “Yes” and then add a call-to-action saying “Order now and receive free shipping – Limited time offer!” Such a call-to-action will compel users to shop right away.

Keep a check

After you have updated your FAQ page based on the above received information, make a check to see if you have more satisfied customers now. Ask your sales team if the questions received from people have decreased or new questions are coming up now. This check will let you know if your FAQ page is appropriate or needs improvement.

Many businesses do not consider optimizing their FAQ pages from a marketing point of view. They don’t realize that this careless behavior may be affecting their sales. Use the above mentioned tips to optimize your FAQ page for better communication with your users and to have more visitors converting to customers. For creating a perfect informative FAQ page and for optimizing other pages of your website, you can talk to the experts at Jain Technosoft, a leading Digital Marketing Company in India, who have been successfully serving local as well as international clients and have a great experience in this field.


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