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Guide To Achieve The Best Content Marketing Results


Content marketing has and still continues to be one of the elements of an effective SEO strategy. Whatever product or service you sell, content marketing is what you must adopt if you don’t want to be left behind against your competitors. So, you either invest in hiring professional SEO services in India so that they can provide you with the best content marketing tactics, or you use the below stated content marketing tips that are imperative to help you achieve your desired goals.

Invest quality time into writing content

There was a time when you could just write a 300-400 word blog post and bring in great amounts of traffic. But, this hasn’t been so easy since last year. The year 2017 saw bloggers writing even lengthier posts, somewhere between 500 to 1500 words. This had them investing more than 3 hours to write a single blog post. So, you need to set apart quality time for writing your blogs and content so that you can provide users with longer and more informative posts.

Focus on quality

Although we say that you must invest your time into writing longer posts, but this doesn’t mean you write just anything. If you have to choose between quantity and quality, focus more on quality. Well-researched and creative blog posts earn more value than lengthy unexplored content.

Work with editors

You may have the best kind of information in your content, but it’s definite to fail if it contains any sort of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and other typographical errors. This is why it is advisable to work with editors who can take care of all of this. In fact, bloggers who work with editors have seen to come up with stronger results.

Blogging alone isn’t enough

Blogging alone is become quite inadequate for maximum content reach. People are opting for various kinds of formats like podcasts, short films, virtual reality, and more. Although expensive in time, money, and effort, but these additional formats are effective. So, along with blogging, experiment with some other formats too, to see better results.

Make your content mobile-friendly

This goes without saying. With everything going mobile, you definitely want content that is mobile-friendly too. If your content is not responsive, you are sure to miss out on a huge number of potential customers.

Focus on micro-moments

How many times have you immediately reached for your phone to find the answer to a question that has just sprung up in your head? Many-a-times, right? This is just what your customers do too. Create content for this behaviour and make sure that the answers to consumer questions are immediately available. Don’t make them go through your entire website to search for an answer. This will only have them abandoning your site and searching elsewhere.

Focus on targeting right

The general notion that people have is to get their posts viral. Instead, if you try to focus on your targeting, you will see better results. Rather than trying to bring everyone to your post, tag the targeted location and people.

Post more frequently

Last but not the least, you must keep posting frequently – at least once a week. In fact, brands that have increased their posting to twice a week from once a week have seen their leads double up!


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