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The Guide To A Successfully Performing Content Marketing Plan


More than 85% of businesses use content marketing as one of their marketing strategies, but they spend only up to 30% of their entire marketing budget in this segment. Content marketing can increase your brand’s awareness among people, while also helping you generate traffic, leads, and sales. Therefore, even if you spend half of your marketing budget on content marketing, it is a wise decision, but only if you know how to take advantage of it. This blog will help you understand how you can take complete advantage of your content and ensure that it drives traffic, leads, and sales.

Measure your current content performance

Before taking any corrective steps, it is always imperative that you check your current performance and analyze what is wrong or where you are lacking. You can find out how your content is ranking in Google at present, and whether it is bringing you traffic and conversions, or not. You may be able to find out old pieces of content that haven’t been performing, which if edited or altered can create wonders. So, find such content, and start editing them aptly. Although creating new content is a great idea, but working with old content also has its advantages as the copywriting issue has already been taken care of.

Track the right metrics

Next, you need to select the most relevant metrics that align with your business requirements just perfectly. Metrics here may be the number of clicks you get on your CTAs, or the number of users reading your page completely, etc. However, you need to find out the specific metrics for your particular business, and avoid using any general metrics, because every business has its own different goals. The Google Tag Manager tool can help you easily track any metric you want.

Focus on SEO

It goes unsaid that writing new content or editing old content is not enough. You need to optimize whatever content you have on your site for search engines as well as visitors. Finding the relevant keywords and creating content around it is one of the most important SEO tactics when it comes to content marketing. If you focus your time and efforts on SEO, you will be able to bring a steady flow of visitors to your site.

Promote your content

You have created your content by eliminating the flaws and drawbacks, and have posted it on your site. But, this isn’t enough! You need to promote your content on different platforms so that it spreads wider and gains more views and shares. Promoting your content effectively on other media will also have Google noticing you and your popularity, thus considering your content for ranking. You can promote your content on social media platforms, or through re-marketing and email marketing automation.

Following this guide is a sure shot way to content marketing success. Incorporating all of these guidelines will help you gain traffic, conversions, and sales to a great extent. And, for further success, you can get in touch with a professional SEO company to provide you with the best kinds of SEO services in India.


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