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How Far Can You Rely On Google AdWords Keyword Volume Numbers?


Many of us rely on the keyword volume numbers that Google AdWords provides, but can we rely upon it entirely, or let’s say at all times? After reading this blog, you would say that relying upon Google AdWords alone and completely could be dangerous, especially if you are an SEO or organic marketer. It is a great tool, but you need to use it in combination with other tools to make your search and analysis perfect. Let us see what issues you may face by relying on Google AdWords alone.

Paid search people are just trying to figure out when Google will show their ad for a particular keyword so as to create the demand that will drive visitors to the site and compel them to convert. But, as an organic marketer or provider of SEO services in India, you will want to drive traffic for reasons that are not directly connected to a conversion. This is why you might want to target different types of keywords, which is where Google AdWords data may guide you the wrong way. Let us see how.

The AdWords range of monthly searches is way too broad

Google AdWords shows a very broad volume range of monthly searches, and it also shows the competition score for a particular keyword. However, it has been seen that these results are very misleading. After searching for a particular keyword, Google AdWords shows some suggestions in the keyword planner section of the tool. For certain keywords, it shows monthly searches ranging between 10k and 100k, which is just way too much! And, for such a broad range, it says that the competition is low, which is again not digestible! If there are so many people bidding on these keywords in AdWords, then the competition has to be high. This proves that Google is just not showing accurate data results, in terms of both monthly searches and competition.

Google AdWords combines keywords together

Another problem is that Google AdWords combines keywords. When you type in three or more keywords in the list for search, Google takes all of them and combines them, which is actually insane! Even if the three searches that you put in are very different from one another and have three completely different search intents, Google AdWords will combine them all.

The AdWords keyword volume comparisons seem unrealistic

Speaking of Google Trends now, when you plug in your keywords, it comes up with average keyword volume compared to each other. But, it shows drastic differences, which can only be possible and realistic in very tiny amounts of circumstances. For example, if the comparison between three terms a, b, and c is 80, 15, and 5 respectively, the math can work when the amounts are 80000, 15000, and 5000. But, when taken to twice or thrice this amount, it is nearly impossible!

Google AdWords may hide certain relevant keyword suggestions

When you search inside Google AdWords, it will hide some of the suggestions. Why!? This is because Google doesn’t believe that those are commercial intent search queries. So, they don’t want to show them to AdWords customers because they will then bid for them. And then, Google will rarely show those and then they’ll get a poor return on that spend.

After looking at all of the above reasons, you can completely agree that you can’t rely on Google AdWords alone. You need to incorporate other tools like Moz’s Keyword Explorer and SEMrush into your analysis strategy too; and this any professional SEO services in India will agree with too.


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