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Google vs. Bing Optimization

How the way optimization pertaining to Bing varies with regard to Google optimization.


Marketing experts tend to only focus on search optimization for Google for obvious reasons, Google is the number one search engine. As a matter of fact, if your website has been dinged by Google algorithmic changes the ranking in search engines will be highly valuable.

Today yahoo is powered by Bing, so it has put much faith in links than it used to. Most optimizers appreciate the fact that on-page factors matter to Bing because it makes optimization easier. Google’s system of needing to essentially ask for other website’s votes is much more difficult than just following best practices when building your site.

Google controls nearly 60 percent of the search market, but Bing is the third largest engine and you’re dealing with less competition. Although you may need to sway your optimization tactics a bit toward one search engine, there are enough similarities that you can try and optimize for both. As a website owner it is important to optimize your site for both search engines whether one more important than the other may be purely subjective but it is recommended that you not completely ignore either of them.

We usually say Google it rather than search it means Google has become alias for search. But Bing is lot different than Google’s older competitors and that’s what makes it special. The results found on Bing are different than Google’s, you can just search same term on both search engines and you will find a lot difference in there. Yet some time the results are similar, so which makes it hard to detect the algorithm used by the Bing.

The major difference between Bing and Google webmaster guidelines is the focus on social optimization. Bing specifically notes that social media plays a role in ranking well in search results. Social influence is positive signals that have an impact in how you rank in Bing. Bing specifically mentions that you should be encouraging social sharing on your content and that you should follow fewer people than are following you in order to indicate a stronger influence.

Keyword in content:

Google does not care very much about keywords in the content of your site. That is why when optimizing for Google, most people just write their keywords whenever they come up naturally in the sites content.

Bing is much more receptive to keywords written within text of your pages. Playing around with these keywords for maximum effect in this area is a must, especially because bing is constantly refining its keyword detector.

Meta page titles:

Bing seems to care a lot about meta page title. Run a search for any popular term on Yahoo or Bing, you will notice that most of the first page results will use the exact term in their meta page title.

Google in contrast tries to return results whose meta page titles have the same words that the user searched for but not necessary in the same order.

Meta Description Tags:

Bing cares a lot more than Google, meta descriptions like meta page titles-text that is written into the code for every web page.

Google cares about meta descriptions a small amount, hence make sure your page’s meta description include your keyword at least once and that the same keyword appears in your meta page title.


Another important factor to Bing is headings. But as soon as people started manipulating headings so that more traffic would come to their websites from search engines, headings became de-emphasized.

Google gives headings almost no weight in its algorithm

Alt Tags:

Alt tags are basically little text descriptions of the images on your site. Bing shows images in its regular search and relies heavily on the alt tag in its algorithm.

Google does the same and also puts strong emphasis on alt tags.

Outbound links:

Outbound links point out of your site toward other websites. The philosophy is simple: Acknowledging other authoritative sites is considered good internet behavior, whereas this philosophy is not held by Google in the least.

Site Structure:

This principle is common to all search engines , both Bing and Google favor clean, easy to navigate architecture, fast loading pages and easy to follow links.

Domain Age:

A final element of SEO that is important to Bing is age, Bing and Google both feels strongly about it. Of all the factors that affects the site ranking’s, only links and age cannot be easily controlled by the webmaster, hence they are very essential to the algorithm.


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