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Top 5 Strategies To Keep Visitors Hooked To Your Blog


Blogs help in driving traffic to your website in an organic manner. They are very easy to create, and this is one prime reason why every website has a blog section of their own. But the real problem is to develop engaging blogs which can attract significant flow of traffic consistently. Thus though branding through blogs is regarded as one of the best ways to advertise your business online, if not done properly it your website can suffer from lower traffic as well as conversions which surely will affect your revenue.

Here are some strategies through which you can use blogs as a great brand management tool as well as increase the visitors’ time on your blog.

Share the blogs on different platforms

This is the first step of brand marketing. Though we understand that popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn have the advantage of numbers on their side, we would recommend that you also share your content / blogs on smaller or less popular platforms. Empire Avenue, Tumbler are examples of such platforms. Here you get the advantage of getting more attention as the target audience is smaller in number and much more active than those found on popular social media platforms. Rather than just sharing your blogs randomly on various platforms, it is more sensible to share it with the right audience, even if the platform is less popular.

Add Infinite Scrolling to your blog posts

Infinite Scrolling is one of the best ways to engage your users with your website content. This technique motivates the audience to stay longer on your website, as the new post loads automatically in front of them. This is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to engage your visitors in a better manner. All you need to do is install the Infinite Scrolling plugin to your website and experience enhanced visitors’ time on your blog without putting any extra effort.

Optimize loading time of your blog

It is a known fact that high loading time irritates visitors, thus optimizing the loading time of your blog is a quite essential. Even if your blog has the right content with the right graphics and also the Infinite Scrolling feature, if your page is not optimized, it will surely affect the traffic of your website. Therefore always employ the latest optimization methods to bring down the loading time of your blog posts. Page optimization will go a long way in engaging your visitors and will eventually boost the sales of your website.

Use frequent Reference on your blog posts

Readers, bloggers, website owners as well as search engines appreciate links. So you can give reference to your own post in-context as well as even in a way that is not manipulative. Rather than trying to over-optimizing your own blog you can drive traffic to your blog posts through effectively using links in your posts. This kind of linking is sure to get more social mentions and improved traffic.

Measure the results

Any strategy/ plan is futile if you cannot measure the results. Thus installing Google Analytics is essential for bloggers in order to evaluate the visits on their blogs. This tool also let you know the sources which contribute to the traffic on your blog. Thus you can very easily come to know which strategy is helping you, and which one needs to be revamped in order to retain your visitors for longer duration on your website.

Thus with these easy strategies you can engage the visitors to your blog in a much better manner and convert them into valuable leads and full time clients.


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