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Facebook Page Owners To See A Drop In Facebook Likes Count


One sign that your Facebook page is popular with people is the number of ‘Likes’ it has garnered. But in case your Facebook page is seeing  a decrease in the number of “Likes” then you need not take it as a sign that the popularity of your product in coming down.

What is happening is that Facebook is changing the way of counting the “Likes” by subtracting accounts which have been either “memorialized” or manually deactivated. In order to make audience data more meaningful for businesses, Facebook is updating the ways in which page “Likes” are counted.

What is the reason for this?

There are two major reasons for doing this. First of all by removing the deactivated accounts, your business will get an up-to-date insight on the actual number of people who actively follow your page. Also this helps you find people similar to your followers with tools like lookalike audiences.

The second reason is that your business needs results consistent with individual user’s experience.

This way Facebook is once again giving its pages a shuffle in order to give real and fruitful information to you which will help you get concrete results based on real facts and figures.

The decrease in the number of “Likes” will begin from the 12th of March and will continue over the next few weeks. Thus if you see a dip in the number of “Likes” on your FB page, you should in fact be happy that you are getting a real picture of things which will help you build a better social media marketing strategy. At the end your business will only benefit from meaningful information from Facebook.

You can always stay assured that if deactivated accounts are reactivated, the “Likes” coming from these accounts will be re-added to your page’s like count. There sure is a mixed response to this step by Facebook, in fact users of Facebook’s Instagram did not take this kind of purge of spam accounts not very positively.


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