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How To Ensure That Your SEO Strategy Is Not Outdated?


When you first launched your website, you might have made a plan – for constructing the best website, for bringing in considerable traffic, for better user experience and for rankings in search engines. You might have been successful at achieving all this to some extent. But, this does not mean you carry on with what you have without considering any changes that might be needed. You must always check from time to time if your website requires any updating for better SEO. Even if you don’t have enough time, you must consider the following points at regular intervals to ensure that your SEO strategy has not become outdated.


Use the right kind of keywords necessary for the users as well as search engines – for the users to find what they are looking for easily and for the search engines to consider your pages for higher rankings. Know what kind of audience you want to target and accordingly place the keywords on your pages. If you have added or removed any kind of products or services from your business, make sure to make the necessary changes in the keywords too, if required.

Landing pages

Examine your landing pages to check if the subject you have on them has the best content and quality to bring better business opportunities. Make sure these pages reveal the skill and proficiency that your business offers. Check if it relates to the needs and trends of the users today since the likes and dislikes of people keep changing from day to day. Focus on what your customers want and work on your landing pages accordingly.

Find new opportunities

Research on what is new and happening in your field and check where you can update yourself. Identify new opportunities and see where you business needs to focus. Make a list of all that you need to do and plan up how you are going to achieve it all. Having an action plan in hand will make it easier for you to work.

Customer feedback

It is very essential to know what your customers feel about you. Check for their reviews about your products or services and get a feedback of what they feel about your business. Ask your employees who directly deal with your customers to know where you lack and what your customers are expecting from you. This will help you know how to restructure your site in terms of concepts, navigation, products and services. Customer needs are a priority for any business. Inspect for any gaps that keep user experience at a lower level than what you expect and start reorganizing your website and if necessary, your business. If majority of the customers are facing the same problem, then you must take immediate steps to solve the issue.

SEO audit

It is essential to do a technical SEO audit on your site, whether your business is big or small. These audits will help you know about the hidden problems that search engines find negative for your rankings. You can discover them and find ways to solve them.

There is always some or the other modification that your site will need from time to time to stay updated in the market. Use your time wisely and plan up to take your website and user experience to the next level. If you want any kind of assistance to plan up your SEO strategy, you can contact Jain Technosoft, one of the leading SEO companies in India.


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