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Drupal Modules To Enhance Your Blog Performance


A blog performance affects traffic and conversions made to a website which in turn affects brand recognition. The more the visitors engage with your brand and share or comment on your blogs, the more popularity you gain. You can create a well engaging blog with high quality content and interactive tools and navigation.

Drupal offers various modules for helping readers engage with the website’s content. They help users to share and comment on your content, which greatly helps in creating maximum engagement. There are lots of modules, which might get you confused as to which ones to use. Following are a few standard modules that are rated high by users.

Views Module

Views module lets you control how lists of posts are retrieved and presented. You can fetch content like date, subject, author, etc. from the database and present it as lists, grids, galleries, tables, maps, graphs, reports, etc. Views UI is a sub module that can access almost any information in your database and display it in any format. You can modify the views of your blog to generate page layouts of your own choice.

Similar Entries Module

This module provides a list of links to the website’s content, related to the current node being viewed. These links can be displayed in standard blocks or as custom views. MySQL’s FULLTEXT indexing helps find similar content in other nodes using a natural language search that interprets the search string as a phrase in natural human language. This module integrates important tables to the database to search content connections.

Taxonomy Module

Taxonomy is a practice of connecting, relating and classifying your website’s content. This module provides your website with a list of organizational keywords like categories, tags and Metadata. All these terms are collectively grouped under vocabularies. This module allows you to create and manage these vocabularies. You can also specify terms and tag your content by those terms. Taxonomy can be used to customize defined sections of your website with different themes or to display specific content based on taxonomy terms.

Pathauto Module

Pathauto module automatically generates URL or path aliases for various contents like nodes, taxonomy terms and users without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. In order to generate the path aliases, this module uses a pattern system that utilizes tokens. Tokens are smaller texts that can be placed into large documents through placeholders.

The most frequently used tabs in Pathauto modules are:

  • Pattern Tab automatically generates the aliases for various contents available on the Drupal site.
  • Settings Tab allows you to change the settings such as length and case. It allows you to decide whether the alias should be integrate to the list or should be replaced.
  • Bulk Update Tab allows you to generate the path for content that is not aliased.
  • Delete Tab deletes aliases in bulk.

Thus, Pathauto Module saves both time and energy by providing the path aliases automatically.

Radioactivity Module

This module provides a field type with a special radioactivity metric that can be assigned to content types and can be used as a regular view counter for entities. User interaction or entities receiving attention can maintain high-level radiation and inactive interaction starts a cooling down mechanism. Hence, this module combines the content with views and checks the content’s recognition; hence, proving to be a popularity checking tool.

Disqus module

Commenting is a great way to interact with a blog or website. This is a commenting module that helps readers comment on your content by allowing users to login through their Google, Twitter and Facebook accounts apart from their personal account. This module is found in many Drupal and non-Drupal sites too.

Social Media Module

This module allows the readers to share your content on their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ through the Share and Follow buttons. This is a great way to promote your website and reach your target audiences easily.

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