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How To Double Or Triple Your Conversion Rates?


Have you seen how businesses generate 100, 200, and 300% more leads? Have you seen how they have been increasing their revenues far and wide? Ever wondered how? Let us see what could be the possible reasons why one stands low below the bar, and which elements can result in such huge leads and revenues.

Low standing pages

What do low standing pages possibly suffer from?

  • The headline could be meaningless – 90% of success of a page is determined by its headline. Looking at the headline, visitors can analyze if they are interested or not to stay on the page. This decides on the page-on-time and bounce-rate.
  • The call to action could be meaningless – The call to action could be meaningless. It should be such that it attracts the visitor’s eyes and gives them a meaning to take up the action.
  • There could be lack of evidentials – Evidentials are elements that lend credibility to a page like well-known investors, advisors, association affiliations, and mentions in trusted publications.
  • There could be lack of urgency to act – There needs to be reason for compelling the visitors to take up an action – one that you wish them to take.
  • There could be too much jargon – Not everyone understands technical language, which is why the language on the page should be easy to understand for all; or it may lead to more bounces.

What makes a successful page?

What could make a page successful?

  • A much clearer and simplified headline
  • A clear and strong explanation of what the business is about
  • Mentions, investors, and affiliations
  • Highlights of the company’s accomplishments
  • Bio of advisors who are well-known
  • Urgency to make a deal
  • Calls to action that have value
  • Reasons why the company is likely to succeed
  • Follow-up email sequence, where emails are educational and employ story-telling

One other thing that can prove to be fruitful is using examples. When a product is abstract and technical, using concrete examples can boost the image of the company. For example, someone may ask for an example of how the product can work in the real world. And, when you already have an answer to that, you are on the mark.

Thus, to increase the conversion rate on a site and get more sales and leads, there is a sequence of steps to follow.

  • First, you must try to understand why non-converting visitors are leaving. Address their issues.
  • Next, you must find out why converting visitors took the action. Highlight the reasons.
  • Then, you must capture emails and use a follow-up sequence to educate and tell stories to those visitors who were not convinced. If you do this right, you may see sales doubling, or even tripling!

However, this is not as easy as it may seem. It takes lots of diligence and discipline to do all of this right. But, if you do, you will be highly rewarded! And for this, you can always hire professionally available social media marketing services in India.


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