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How To Design An Effective Landing Page For Better ROI?


Any online marketing strategy is incomplete without a good landing page. So what exactly is a landing page? Well simply speaking, a landing page is a web page which is set apart from your website and is created for a specific purpose. Usually these pages are linked to e-mail marketing or content marketing campaigns, and are meant to generate conversions. Landing pages are thus developed to make the page visitors:

  • buy something
  • visit a physical location
  • donate money
  • sign up for something
  • take some other action (almost any action you would like!)

Thus it is crucial that you have an exceptional landing page, which will not only grab the visitor’s attention, but will also convert them into your clients. Therefore it is important that you have an effective landing page. We are one of the leading companies in the area of web design and website development. Based on our experience and expertise, we bring you the most important points which will help you immensely in developing excellent landing pages.

Orderly and systematic page design

The first and most important point in developing a landing page is getting an orderly and systematic page design. Yes, this definitely is quite important. You may think this is such a basic thing, but the fact is often majority do not get their basics right! So stick to the basics and follow the rules. Your landing pages should be designed in such a manner that it’s easier for the visitors to convert. Thus pay attention to all the minute details, be it the page layout, color, images etc.

Shout out your offers through great banners

Make sure that you landing page not only has great offers, but also explains it clearly through intelligent use of banners and sub headings. Keep this trick in mind and see how your conversion rates soar.

Minimum is Maximum!

Do not overload your page with lot of buttons, images and too much of information. This makes it difficult for the visitor to digest the whole point and will therefore affect the conversion rate. Therefore stick to things which are essential. Focus on arranging the key information effectively. So that the visitor can easily understand what you intend to communicate.

Build Trust

Nothing can help you in the long term as much as the trust of your clients. If you wish to have a great number of loyal clients, then see to it that you win their trust. For this you need to make smart use of trust signals like trust badges, feedbacks and testimonials. Along with building trust, these signals convey a positive message to the visitors that the landing page is authentic and thus they get the confidence that the offers you are giving are worth investing on.

Develop mobile-friendly pages

The number of people who use mobile phones for internet browsing has increased drastically. And if you want your conversion rates to go high, then you have to come up with landing pages which are mobile-friendly.

Test your page thoroughly

At the end, what matters is the performance of your landing page. And to know where it stands, you need to test it diligently. So it is highly advisable that you keep testing and tracking the results to understand if your landing page is performing well. Never ever postpone or ignore testing if you want your landing page to make the right impact on the right audience.

These are some of the simple yet very important points to keep in mind whenever you plan to develop a landing page. Follow these tips and add more power to your marketing strategy.


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