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Backlink Diversification – How to get top quality Backlinks?


How do I build quality backlinks to my website? This is the question which has been asked millions of times and has been provided with answers equal number of times. Although it depends on the industry to which your business is, there are a number of places where we can get a decent amount of quality backlinks.

Submit case studies and white papers

A case study or white papers needs a lot of research, statistics, data and good analytical skill. It may take a week or 15 days to do a perfect case study. A case study will boost your brand and portray your business at its best.

The standard rules for SEO on website copy also apply to your white paper or other content. The first step is to have your list of primary keywords handy when writing the paper, and to use them in certain strategic places:

  • Title and subtitle
  • Paragraph headings
  • The first 100 or so words of text.

While optimizing your white papers is a good way to make it easier for people finds them online, it’s really more important to produce a well-crafted, informative paper that’s easy to for humans to read and absorb.

Local Business sites

One in three searchers is local. Setting up profiles at local site is the first step to do online if you have a brick and mortar business. With Internet Marketing, content is king. Putting together and maintain a high quality blog will improve the overall organic search score of a website, if done properly.

Document sharing

Create interesting documents especially with PowerPoint and then distribute them across document sharing sites. Document sharing sites now attract a huge audience and subscriber list. Document sharing is a sure success and some of the documents get over 100,000 views in a couple of weeks.

Photo/Image Sharing

Pinterest has created a revolution in the photo sharing / image sharing world. Several photos and images had gone viral with thousands and millions of pins and shares. Choosing the right username is much like choosing the right website domain, it should be straightforward, but it’s not.  Not only you have to be aware of other users who have potentially stolen your company name, you also must beware of the 15 character limit imposed on usernames.

Video sites

Videos are easy to create and good videos go viral, they not only fetch links from video sites like YouTube but also from places where the video is syndicated. YouTube being the top 10 popular sites, and in the era of smart phones video is a must for every business and ofcourse videos can get quality backlinks to inner page url’s sections of website.

About Us sites

About us sites mostly crawl and index data from websites, but it is essential that the data should be submitted manually with the right links at right places with unique content. About us sites help a lot in reputation management.

Social Networking and social Media sites

Social Media Marketing is an important brand-building tool to create repeat brand exposure to social media users. Facebook for example do not allow Google to index the inner pages of profile, however they allow to crawl the Fanpage home. Tweets were appearing realtime on Google results for a period of time and then they disappeared. Likewise social networks really don’t play a major role in SEO but when it comes to branding and reputation, it is quintessential to have a decent listing & activity in the social media world.

PR and news sites

When trying to get the best from your press releases you should make sure you have a newsworthy and attractive title because this will make more people interested in your press release, you should also make sure you have a link to your website in the body of your content because some people might scrape your content without wanting to give credit to you but this will help you against that.

More backlinks for your website means increased reputation in the eyes of big G and other search engines, which means more traffic.


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